Blackbook Toy at Shanghai Toy Show : New Mousezilla, Clockwork Carot Toys + One-Offs

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Blackbook Toy will be showing at the first-ever Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 – 4.7) with a full schedule of production drops as well as one-offs from Marvel Okinawa and Kenth Toy Works.  On the production side, there’s the very cool Wonderland ‘Zilla (1140 RMB / ~ $180), the newest edition of Ron English’s Mousezilla. BBT will also release the MC Psycho Dim and Lil’ Alex (980 RMB each / ~ $ 156) from Frank Kozik. These are a follow-up to the previous MC versions and feature extra hits of angry red throughout.  The brand’s mascot, Guy, will be available in two micro runs of 5 pieces each – the Nightmare edition by Marvel Okinawa featuring clear + opaque paint on clear vinyl and the Another World Infected edition by Kenth Toy Works.  Each of the micro run Guys will be available for 1400 RMB each (~ $223).

There will also be several one-offs including some amazing work from Marvel Okinawa including three Mandala-themed pieces as well as a trio of in-house one-offs including a great Jiangshi ‘Zilla.  All of these drops will be available at BBT’s STS booth [D21].