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Mar 27, 2018

Paradise Toys – Kaiju Hunting Blind Box Series


Paradise Toy’s Kaiju Hunting project was first released at last year’s Taipei Toy Festival as a series of clear sofubi. Now comes the next phase, a blind-box series!  Set to debut first at the Shanghai Toy Show (5.4 – 5.7), the Kaiju Hunting series will feature six characters: Triboo by Dan, BHM (Big Hairy Monster) by Studio UAMOUKumanba by Konatsu, Rasogimasu by T9G, Seedlas by Shoko Nakazawa,  and Satoshi Yamamoto(Hunter) by Dehara  Yukinori.  Each character will have three designs in the series – standard/color, GID, secret.  Very cool.  Kaiju Hunting will be available at STS from the Uamou/T9G/Shoko/Dehara/Konatsu set of booths [D17] and the POP MART booths [B15 and D18]


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Chino Lam – Life-size Maguro Senapi at Shanghai Toy Show (5.4 – 5.7)


Chino Lam will debut his new ‘life-size’ Maguro Senpai at Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 – 4.7).  Not to be confused with the upcoming ‘giant’ vinyl, this one is apparently one meter tall (39”) !  As he mentioned on his IG, think of the OG as the 100%, the ‘giant’ as the 400% and this as the 1000%.  Impressively, the design and detail seems to have transferred over quite well to the large format – especially the fish texture. Be sure to visit the Chino Lam Workshop booth [B7] if you’re going to be at STS!

download download-3 download-2

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Seulgie – Handmade Satyrs for Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 –4.7)


Seulgie will release hand-made spring-time Satyr editions, bunnies and lambs in pink and blue at her Shanghai Toy Show booth [B8].  These are deluxe resin editions complete with custom hair and bows. 


She’s also made two one-off Satyrs that will be available at the STS auction on-site—only teasers of these so far.

download-1 download-2

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Andy Chen x Pop Life – Ice Kirin Coco Twist at Shanghai Toy Show


Pop Life will release the new Ice Kirin Coco Twist from Andy Chen at the first-ever Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 – 4.7). Part of the SFBI Originals line, fun figure re-envisions the legendary Kirin as a soft-serve ice cream cone.   This edition looks great and appears to feature a marbled head cast (double pour?).  It will be available alongside many new releases from the brand at the Pop Life booth [A15].

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J.T Studio – 8” Monkey King Vinyl to Debut at Shanghai Toy Show


J.T Studio is readying the new 8” Monkey King Vinyl to debut at Shanghai Toy Show (4.5 –4.7).  Featuring eight points of articulation, the new 8” soft vinyl version follows Jei’s popular 1:6 Monkey King.  The question now is which version?  The artist’s most recent IG post shows a graphic of the OG red + yellow, but a recent post also tagged #sts featured a mono edition.  Maybe both ?!?  If you’re going to STS, be sure to drop by the J.T Studio booth [B31].

download-3 download-2download-1

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Clogtwo x Pobber – Shinigami Midnight

Pobber has released a limited quantity of Clogtwo’s new Shinigmai Midnight vinyl (6.5”)  on its web shop for $80 each.   The new mono edition  of the stylized take on the grim reaper was released in conjunction with the recent  Shinigami Custom Show at Flabslab.  Pobber is also offering a the OG Shinigami ($80) and a bundle with the OG and the Midnight for $160.  The bundle pricing includes worldwide shipping. 

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