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Mar 08, 2018

Superplastic Teases A Janky Design by Mark Gmehling

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 5.26.19 PM

So when we last left the shrouded in secrecy Superplastic story, the new brand from Paul Budnitz and Huck Gee had announced their ‘Janky’ figure along with some graphic elements including the face shape as seen in their logo, and an outline of the figure on their website.  They also cleverly included an Anagram game on their site which features scrambled versions of what we believe are the artists contributing to what is almost certainly a platform toy.

Ok now for what’s new…  A video teaser of a Janky design.  The highlight for us are the rather stylized hands and the street art style accessories.  To us, it looks like the hands are designed to work well with accessories – rather than the ‘sorta’ fit we’ve seen on other platforms.  More?  The folks over at the Marsham Toy Hour FB group have been putting their heads together to unscramble the anagrams and figure out the Janky artists.  A joint contribution from Brad Smith and Benny ‘Teancious Toys’ Kline unscrambled one of the anagrams to get Mark Gmehling.  In looking at some of Mark’s work we’re pretty sure that the teased design is in fact his. His work often features white and gold and is quite similar in style – see sample below.  Oh, if you haven’t already signed up for the Superplastic mailing list for a chance to win one of 100 launch toys, what are you waiting for ?!?!

13584257_1292326817467276_714042070_n Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 8.09.18 PM


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Mighty Jaxx Exclusive TEQ63 Dragon Coming Soon


Mighty Jaxx has teased their Exclusive TEQ63 Dragon from QUICCS x Martian Toys.  The iconic design probably needs no introduction, however it’s inspired by Bruce Lee’s tracksuit in the Game of Death. No word yet on when this is dropping, however we assume it’s ‘soon’.

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Play Toy x Unbox x Toei – God Sigma (3.10)


Unbox will release a very limited number of the God Sigma vinyl figures they produced for Play Toy. Officially licensed from the 1980 Anime-Mecha series, the 25 cm soft vinyl figure (~ 9.9”) features a removable sword and two sets of hands—making playtime even better.  God Sigma drops on Saturday (3.10) at 7 AM PST for $115 (+ s/h) from the Unbox web shop.

GODSIGMA_Frontaa27580147_1960854534164428_5940230350675378176_n (1)

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Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx – Smart Bomb (3.10)

With its recent releases, Mighty Jaxx has gotten really creative with their toy promos.  Rather than simply, teasing and then revealing their new Smart Bomb figure from Jason Freeny, they’ve put together an elaborate WWII-era back story focused on a secret weapons project designed not to obliterate the masses, but rather… enlighten them.  The Smart Bomb drops on Saturday (3.10) at 7 AM PST with pricing yet to be announced. 

Based on his original sculpture (2013), the Smart Bomb adds a brain pattern to an old-school bomb with prominent fuse.  The piece immediately reminds us of Emilio Garcia’s Brainade, albeit drawing on a much older weapon for inspiration.

JasonFreeny_SmartBomb_8s 28158335_420045761778643_4616278596892229632_n

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