QUICCS x Karmieh Design x Martian Toys – TEQ63 Ravager

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A few days ago we posted teaser shots of the upcoming TEQ63 Ravager from QUICCS, Karmieh Design and Martian Toys.  At the time we mentioned the teasers only showed the upper half—turns out that’s for good reason.  The new figure is a bust style figure—didn’t see that coming 🙂  QUICCS worked with digital sculptor Oasim Karmieh to realize his vision of TEQ63’s all-synthetic nemesis, the Ravager. As seen in the rendered shots above and below, the devil is in the delicious details here including the menacing open robotic mouth and  the stylish puffy jacket that gathers and stretches just like a real one would.   If the vinyl production pieces can match the fidelity of Karmieh’s 3D model, Ravager will be quite the sight to behold.

The 7.3” vinyl figure will be available in both black and white editions. Each will included a s/n authenticity card and a set of stickers for the spray can.  Ravager will be available for pre-order beginning on Friday (3.2) at 7 AM PST through 3.15 at 7 AM PST  for $150 each or $275 for the set of two from six participating retail partners – Martian Toys (USA), Strange Cat Toys (USA), IamRetro  (USA), Devil Toys (HK), Hidden Fortress (Manila) and Collect & Display.  These are scheduled to release/ship in July.