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Feb 06, 2018

Kyle Kirwan -- ‘Final’ Willo (2.9)


So this one is bitter sweet.  Kyle Kirwan has re-imagined his signature Willo figure with a dark yet quirky new sculpt.  The bitter?  The name tells the story – Final Willo.   Yes, Willo’s days are numbered, though thankfully there are a few chapters left. Turns out this is the first of three colorways of his ‘final’ vision of the character.  And what a vision it is—Willo is transformed from a humble, innocuous looking creature—albeit rather large—into  what we’d describe as a hunter imbued with a bird spirit. The sculpt features tattered demonic wings, skull helmet, bird toes and in a bit of a twist, a curiously cool giant bird-face belly.   Limited to ten pieces, the beginning of the end will be available for pre-order on Friday (2.9) at 9 AM PST from his web shop for $250 (+ s/h).

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