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Feb 09, 2018

Dehara x Unbox x Nickelodeon – Spongebob Satoshi

Unbox got into the crossover groove in 2017, with several officially-licensed Spongebob collabo projects including the Spongebob Molly toys with Kenny Wong and the Spongebob Uamou.  Their deep dive to Bikini Bottom continues in 2018 with several new drops including the Spongebob-themed Satoshi from Dehara.  Unbox just posted a test pull which nicely shows off the strong sculpt.  We’re assuming the final paint design will be patterned after the proto (hand done) shown last year. Unbox has also teased Spongebob Elfie figures from Too Nathapong.


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Fools Paradise – Three King Set


Fools Paradise has just made available the Three King Set, which includes Two Three, Nine One and Three Three. This amazing trio of basketball history is definitely a must for any NBA fan. Not into the set? You can also pick Nine One and Three Three individually at $285 each or $540 for the pair (Made to Order/Max Limit 388 Ea). The set itself is available $838 and is the only way to obtain Two Three if you haven’t picked him up for the previous release. Each figure features alternative heads and basketball accessories. You can place your orders for them HERE.


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ABCNT x Mighty Jaxx – Bitchy Rich Madness (02.10)


ABCNT and Mighty Jaxx are out to release a new colorway of their Bitchy Rich figure. Be prepared to get hit in the face with laughing gas, as the new “Madness” edition is set to release this Saturday, February 10th at 7AM PST through the Mighty Jaxx webshop. This colorway is a playful take on Batman’s number one nemesis, which isn’t the first time we’ve seen the theme applied to our current president. Be sure to check out Mighty Jaxx’s Interview with ABCNT HERE. Retail we believe in the $80 range, similar to the previous release.

ABCNT_BitchyRich_Madness_Blog_Image_03 ABCNT_BitchyRich_Madness_Blog_Image_04

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