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Feb 06, 2018

Kasing Lung – Wild Things Labubu Lottery from Superman Toys


If you missed the pre-order for Kasing Lung’s Wild Things Labubu back in November as part of his Monsters show at Paradise Toys in Taipei, there’s a second chance to score this gem.  Superman Toys will be offering 100 pieces via lottery in the coming days – no ordering details so far, whether it will be in-person, online…  Keep an eye on their Instagram.


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Kyle Kirwan -- ‘Final’ Willo (2.9)


So this one is bitter sweet.  Kyle Kirwan has re-imagined his signature Willo figure with a dark yet quirky new sculpt.  The bitter?  The name tells the story – Final Willo.   Yes, Willo’s days are numbered, though thankfully there are a few chapters left. Turns out this is the first of three colorways of his ‘final’ vision of the character.  And what a vision it is—Willo is transformed from a humble, innocuous looking creature—albeit rather large—into  what we’d describe as a hunter imbued with a bird spirit. The sculpt features tattered demonic wings, skull helmet, bird toes and in a bit of a twist, a curiously cool giant bird-face belly.   Limited to ten pieces, the beginning of the end will be available for pre-order on Friday (2.9) at 9 AM PST from his web shop for $250 (+ s/h).

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Kurobokan Toys – Year of Nimbus Special Releases!


Kurobokan Toys is celebrating this Lunar New Years with three very special releases! With it being the year of the Dog, you know they got something special for that! The first reveal is the Orange Crush Edition Daydream (Nimbus) figure. This is a run of only 150 pieces world wide and can be found through select retailers. Those being Ozzo Colletion (Singapore), myplasticheart (USA), Collect and Display (UK) and JP Toys Gallery (Thailand). These will be available on Saturday, February 10th.


We are looking forward to seeing what the other two releases they have in store for us! Stay tuned!

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Lunar New Year – Year of the Dog Android Mini (02.07)


It’s that time of year folks! DYZ Plastics and Andrew Bell are celebrating the Lunar New Years with a brand new Android Mini figure. It being the year of the dog, we have a special release to reflect just that. The New Year of the Dog figure will be available on Wednesday, February 7th in the DZ Shop at 11AM EST HERE for $10 each. This release stands 3” tall and features a double sided gold painted medallion on ribbon collar, doggy eared designed antennae and super awesome window boxed packaging. 

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Scott Tolleson – Dark Crystal Shard Dunny


Scott Tolleson will soon be releasing this bad boy! Feast your eyes on the new “Dark Crystal” Edition Shard Dunny. Towering at 5” tall, Scott has plans to release this resin figure sometime next week. So you may want to keep your eyes peeled on his Instagram for that very Important information. We believe this guy may run around the $150 price point.

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Super7 – Silver Back Wing Kong (2.7)


Super7 will drop the new Silver Back Wing Kong sofubi on Wednesday (2.7) at Noon PST for $95 (+ s/h)  from the S7 web shop (plus SF & SD S7 locations) in extremely limited quantities.  The fearsome 9” flying primate features black vinyl with silver and frosty blue spray.  This one’s a truly excellent beast for your sofubi collection.

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