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Jan 31, 2018

Kidrobot – The Wild Ones Dunny Series (2.9)


Kidrobot’s incoming The Wild Ones Dunny series features eye-catching designs from Igor Ventura, Squink, Linda Panda, Kronk, Spankystokes,  and Kidrobot designers Josh Divine, Sharon Park and Johnny Draco. This is a nice collection of cute, cool and kooky designs.   Featuring 16 regular designs (+ 2 secret/chases), The Wild Ones drops on Friday (2.9) from select retailers including myplasticheart and of course on Kidrobot.com with blind boxes going for $11.99 and cases for $273.99. Cases include a 3” case exclusive design.

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kaNO x Munky King – The Messenger (2.2)


Munky King will release The Messenger figure designed by kaNO on Friday (2.2) at 3 PM PST over at MunkyKing.com in a low-run clear resin edition (6.5”, 50 pcs, $200) and will take pre-orders for the black vinyl edition (6.5”, $50).  The figure marks ex-NFL player Colin Kaepernick’s poignant and controversial decision to silently protest police treatment of people of color by taking a knee during the National Anthem ceremony at games.


A portion of the sales from both editions will be donated to Know Your Rights Camp, a charity founded by Kaepernick which empowers youth  and prepares them for interactions with law enforcement.

messenger_3D_blk_right_EDIT_grande26866685_151922762195098_6891227506913837056_n messenger_3D_blk_45_EDIT_grande

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myplasticheart x Andrew Bell – Strawberry Kill Kat (2.2)

unnamed (5)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, myplasticheart will unleash their exclusive Strawberry Kill Kat figures from the twisted mind of Andrew Bell on Friday (2.2) at 10 AM PST for $49.99 only from myplasticheart.  Limited to just 50 pieces—the cruel horror!—the new Kill Kats feature ‘20% More Berries Murdered’ per serving.  Good looking, great tasting and good for you!

unnamed (1) unnamed (4)  unnamed

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Buff Monster – Melty Misfits 3 Kickstarter (2.1)


U: Kickstarter Link Added (2.1)

Buff Monster will launch a Kickstarter for his upcoming Melty Misfits 3 sticker trading card series tomorrow (2.1.18) at 7 AM PST.  What started as a homage to the Garbage Pail Kids with Melty Misfits S1 back in 2012, has quickly found a new generation of collectors drawn in by Buff’s card designs and the allure of wax packs. This third series will feature all-new card designs depicting even more mischief from a cast of over 40 new ice-cream themed adolescents.  Expect plenty of sweet rewards including card packs, cases, sticker albums and special 3” and 5” KS Mister Melty resins.   To find out more about the new series and to back it, hit up the Kickstarter page.

box tightpencils IMG_8555a

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Joseph Harmon x TAG – Burger Bandit Wolf Thing Bat Mother (2.2)


The Wolf Thing Bat Mother returns as the infamous Burger Bandit. The new edition from Joseph Harmon and Toy Art Gallery recasts the character as a fast-food obsessed burglar.  Painted by Harmon himself, the fun paint scheme transforms the totem stack into a burger stack and tops it off with a custom burger logo on the back.  Burger Bandit drops this Friday (2.2) at 12 PM PST for $65 (+ s/h) from the TAG web shop

unnamed (2) unnamed (1)

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Cometdebris – 2018 Action Club!


Cometdebris is offering up his super awesome Cometdebris Action Club! Just like his previous subscriptions, membership gets you early access to every Cometdebris release, as well as reserve any future releases in the year (including unpainteds), news and special insider information. The best perk of joining the club would be the club exclusive figure, which will be the only way to obtain such a coveted possession. All for the very worth it price of $100. Make your way to his webstore HERE to secure a spot!

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Jan 30, 2018

Kasing Lung x How2Work – Bloom LaBuBu (1.31)


Over the weekend, Kasing Lun g released his Bloom LaBuBu figure at the famed Superman Toys in Mong Kok, Hong Kong.  Produced by How2Work, The Valentine’s Day themed special edition features a translucent blue version of his signature character, filled with flowers/blooms.  The Cupid eyes are a clever touch.  

If you weren’t able to make it out to HK, you’re in luck as the artist created a variant (150 pcs, HK$1480 -- ~$189)  with the eye order swapped for a short online drop with orders accepted on Wednesday (1.31) from 5 AM to 7:59 AM PST.  If the orders received exceed inventory—very likely—the sale will be handled lottery style.  To enter/purchase, drop an email to [email protected]how2work.com.hk between the time listed above with the following:

Email title : Order Bloom Labubu (left eye)
1. Name in Full:
2. Delivery address:
3. Contact telephone no.

Winners will be notified on February 5th. For reference, the OG edition released in HK is shown below – note the eye swap.  Happy hunting!


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Jan 28, 2018

Seulgie x POP MART – Satyr Rory Series 1


As you might know, Seulgie has been working with Chinese art toy retailer/brand POP MART for the past year or so on a new blind box series based on her super sweet and mad popular Satyr resins.  We’re happy to say that the waiting is nearly over for Satyr Rory Series 1.

As you can see in the gorgeous official photos, these turned out really nicely – the sculpts and color combinations are spot on.   The new series features four adorable sculpts (lamb/satyr, bear cub, kitty, and bunny), each in three different pastel color combinations for a total of twelve standard designs. There may also be a secret design as reported by Toysrevil.  While we don’t know for sure, the 13th design just might be monochromatic. 

Satyr Rory S1 drops on February 3rd from POP MART’s numerous stores in China and  then the cute lil’ ones will make their way across the globe – keep an eye out for a pre-order direct from Seulgie herself.

27604580_1784776004907730_2057503951_o 27394589_1783584441693553_439295485_n 27535128_1784775998241064_1055457286_o 27537632_1784776011574396_1524656895_o

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Jan 27, 2018

James Groman x TAG – Brachiosore Prehistoric Purple


Toy Art Gallery has released a new edition of James Groman’s Brachisore figure.  Brachiosore Prehistoric Purple is an unpainted purple edition of the 8” figure which features five points of articulation.  It’s available now from the TAG web shop for $125 (+ s/h).

unnamed (1) unnamed (3)

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Siccaluna "Raizo" Lottery Ends January 31st


Kaiju Monster is currently raffling off a chance to purchase this amazing Siccaluna "Raizo" vinyl figure. This release features a neon green vinyl with metallic black horns and nails and red-brown, grey, orange, yellow and pink sprays. This chunky figure stands 9" tall and is limited to only 10 pieces! To join the raffle, all you have to do is:

Send an email to info[at]kaijumonster[dot]com with your Name, Address, Postal Code, Phone Number and Paypal Email Address. Be sure to also include ライゾー購入希望 in the subject line. Retail for this rad piece is $275 plus S&H.

IMG_1104IMG_1115 IMG_1116

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Marsham Toy Hour - S3 E2 - WAFFLES


The entire gang is back for the 2nd episode of Marsham Toy Hour! We get back into it with some leaks and sneak peaks, a nice little therapy session with Theresa and the discussion about Waffles (you gotta listen to find out). They also present the first ever Marshammie Awards, which we enjoyed a lot and hope they do it again next year! Need to let something off your chest, be sure to hit up Dear Marsham. Details on that available on their website.

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Paul Kaiju - Glow Green Mockbat Raffle (01.28)


This Sunday, January 28th from 8AM through 8PM, Paul Kaiju will be holding a raffle for his signature Mockbat Sofubi figure, which is cast in a stunning Glow Green vinyl. These also come with the extra belly accessories and feature 8 points of articulation. Those who do score will receive winning notification for this figure, which will retail $175.

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Jan 25, 2018

Amanda Visell -- ‘I Can Save Myself’ Dragon Scout Customs


Riffing off her empowering ‘I Can Save Myself’ Poster for Girls, Amanda Visell has created a small run (8 pcs) of hand-done ‘I Can Save Myself’ Dragon Scout customs (6.5”).  She’s painted her Dragon Scout vinyl figures pink and transformed the girl scout into a night with sword.The inspiring message is scrawled on the side as well.  These are available now for $400 (+ s/h) directly from Switcheroo.  

unnamed (1)

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Super7 Vinyl Release: Bat Boy and Foster

Promo_01.15.18-06_1024x1024 Promo_01.15.18-05_1024x1024

Super7 has just released a couple new Japanese vinyl figures today! Available now are the new Cocoa Brown Bat Boy, which features a brown vinyl base with silver, gold, red and brown details. This nighttime creature stands 6" tall and retails $60 each. From the Kandy Kaiju line comes the Foster Dreamsicle Orange, this tasty morsel stands 3" tall, retails $25 and features a orange vinyl with yellow details. 

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Jan 23, 2018

Brent Nolasco - "After Life"


As a part of his Dark Descendants line, Brent Nolasco is happy to reveal the ne west sculpt, "After Life". The first release being The "Eliminator", who's purpose was to destroy, while the second release "Insecticide" was meant to bring hope, which is short lived by the release of "Doomsday" who came to destroy any left remains. Now we have the 4th installment, "After Life", which is a life that has emerged from all the destruction and will make its debut at the Clutter Gallery for the "InAction Figure 6" show on the 10th of February. This sculpt was pulled by the one and only TaskOne and they are talks of seeing more releases for the new year!

20171212_153539 20180119_131201

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Toy Geeks Behind the Counter S2 starts 2.13

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 11.56.34 AM

Toy Geeks Behind the Counter is… officially… back!  Season 2 will air every Tuesday beginning with the first episode on 2.13.   Check out the lavishly produced trailer featuring Jack V., Ben, De Kevin, Sarah Jo, Jack M. (Me), and Mitch.  More guests, more geeks, more bad puns, more awesomeness.

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Jan 22, 2018

Tracy Tubera – Wade: Maximum Effort Pre-Order

unnamed (2)

First seen in unpainted form at DesignerCon, Tracy Tubera has revealed his new Wade: Maxium Effort resin sculpture in glorious living black and red color.   The fun deadpool vs. bball piece features Wade giving, yep, you guessed it, ‘maximum effort’ as he goes for the jam--chimichanga in the left and gat in the right.  Wade (9”) above the glossy black ‘key’ court base.  With base, Mr. Pool soars gets some serious air (14” total for base + figure).  Maximum Effort is available for pre-order directly from Tracy’s site for $200 (+ s/h).  If you loved TT’s Wade print, this one is a slam dunk.

unnamed unnamed (1)

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Jan 18, 2018

Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura at Womens March LA (1.20)


Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura  are set to continue their efforts to use their art to stand up loudly and proudly for what they believe with a booth at the resistance art area of this weekend’s Womens March LA (1.20.18) in DTLA.  They’ll have posters and figures for sale. They’ll also be giving away  the Trumpetears micro resins.  So if you’re going down to the march—head down EARLY as traffic was crazy heavy last year and be sure to drop by the girls’ booth [#19].

unnamed (1)

Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura
Resistance Art Area Booth #19
Saturday, January 20th 2018 (8:30 AM – 3 PM)

Womens March LA
Broadway and First. DTLA.

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Jan 17, 2018

High Proof Toys - Sparkle Ducky (01.24)


High Proof Toys is looking to expand their new friends series, with the release of Sparkle Ducky! This brand new release features 3 different types of gold glitter to really make this iridescent body really shine. This release is limited to only 10 pieces and will retail $35 each. You can find them via the High Proof Toys webstore next Wednesday, January 24th at 8AM PST.

2 1 4

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Buff Monster – Smurfberry Mister Melty Timed Editions (1.18)

unnamedMister Melty is back with a new concrete edition in both 5” and 7” sizes. Smurfberry, Buff Monster’s first 2018 drop, features a mix of blue, purple and pink shades.  This one is a timed-edition which will be available from 7 AM PST on Friday (1.19) through 9 PM on Sunday (1.21) over at StayMelty.  The 5” will be available for $125 (+ s/h) while the 7.5” is $200 (+ s/h).

As a timed edition, the final edition size will be determined by the number of orders received.  As long as you get your order in on time, you’ll receive a figure.  Each Smurfberry will be cast in Buff’s NYC studio and then painted and signed by him.  Look for these ship out within two weeks.  Note that the 5” and 7” sculpts are different, check out closeups of the more detailed 7” Smurfberry below.

7inch_2   7inch_1 7inch_3

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Marsham Toy Hour - S3 E1 - "Go Big or Go Home"


The Marsham Toy Hour is back with their first episode of the year! We've got Gary and Theresa holding things down with special guests Miranda O'Brien and Josh Kimberg of Clutter Magazine, Designer Toy Awardsand 5 Points Festival. They chat about the past year in toys, as well as get into the nitty gritty of Sofubi vs Soft Vinyl. Miranda and Josh also discuss big things happening in the near future! Be sure to hit the play button below to find out!

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Jan 14, 2018

Nathan Ota x 3Dretro – Coozie Available Now


Coozie by Nathan Ota and 3DRetro made its debut at DesignerCon back in November. The original vinyl art toy brings Nathan’s ethereal forest paintings to life in dramatic and enigmatic fashion.  After a brief wait for the primary shipment, Coozie (8.5”, edition of 350) is now available from 3Dretro.com for $100 (+ s/h).

coozie-4 coozie-3coozie-5

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Jan 12, 2018

Lulubell Toys Release of "Scab Empire Babies" By Skinner & Paul Kaiju (01.13)


Lulubell Toys is starting off the brand new year with a special release, which was designed by Skinner and sculpted by Paul Kaiju. Check out the new "Scab Empire Babies" edition of the Minions. These are set to drop on Saturday, January 13th at 10AM PST through the Lulubell Toys webstore for $80 for the set. These bad boys measure 5" tall and are very limited!

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Super7 x Heavy Metal - Double Lord of Light Release (01.17)


Super7 and Heavy Metal have a double feature release happening on Wednesday, January 17th. Presenting their Lord of Light figure by Jack Kirby in two different colorways. One being the Hypnotic Psychedelic Glory of the Metallic (takes breathe) and the Standard Edition. Both figures will retail $15 and will be available on their webstore at Noon PST and at both San Diego and San Francisco brick and mortar stores.

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Jan 11, 2018

Furry Feline Creatives - Super Toasty Avocadog Plush Available Now


You can have the comfort of getting a nice Avocado Toast with your dog in one convenient package! Available now through Furry Feline Creatives and Alvin Ong, is their new Super Toast Avocadog Plush! Their Bogie character is all suited up with Toast Cape and Avocado belly and is ready to combat those overpriced brunch spots! Avocadog measures 8.5" and can be found available HERE for $25 each.

image1 2 image2

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