Blackbook Toy – Post Super Festival Lottery (thru 1.11)

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Blackbook Toy is back from last weekend’s Super Festival with a small number of production and handpainted custom toys which they are releasing via email lottery.  The lottery runs through 6:59 AM PST on Thursday (1.11). To enter drop a line to with ‘Post Super Festival Lottery’ as the subject and be sure to include your name, mailing address, the items you’d like to buy and your Instagram name if you have one.   So what’s available?

On the production side, there are two editions of Ron English’s Mousezilla: the wild Meaty Mousezilla (Peeled Off) for 16200 yen (~ $144) which features gnarly marbled meat vinyl with green/silver paint and the Golden Stealthzilla for 16200 yen (~ $144).  As a fun bonus, one lucky purchaser of the Meaty Mousezilla will receive a free one-off matching Mini Mousezilla!   Fans of the Mishka x Lamour Supreme The Beast will also be interested in the Stealth Beast (7 pcs)—lurking on the right side in the above photo—which is available for 23,000 yen (~ $204).

One the hand-painted side, there the one-off SKUM-kun Flannel Shirt customs by Marvel Okinawa  for 35,000 yen each (~ $311), a one-off Mousezilla 2nd Form for 48,000 yen (~ $427) also by Okinawa-san and the Rainbow Beast (5 pcs) handpainted by Kenth Toyworks for 30,000 yen (~ $267).

Good luck!