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Dec 29, 2017

Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx – Yolkels (12.30)

If you love food toys, Jason Freeny and Mighty Jaxx are serving up the cutest and coolest eggs we’ve ever seen.  At first glance, the Yolkels (3”) appear to be merely fun eggs with attitude. But wait… What’s that bit of yellow showing through the cut-out grinning mouth?  Cracking it open (err, gently pulling it apart) reveals a little yolky surprise, a baby yolk with pacifier!  With this new production release, Mighty Jaxx delivers the magic of Jason’s clever custom Egg Qee project (2009) of the same name for all to enjoy. We’re definitely egg-cited. Freeny’s tongue-in-cheek ode to breakfast is a great example of why we love art toys—things too awesome to exist, yet they do!  The Yolkels drop (!) on Saturday (12.30) at 7 AM PDT from Mighty Jaxx’s web shop.

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Mike Sutfin x Unbox x Go Nagai -- Devilman


He’s here… Mike Sutfin’s gnarly interpretation of Go Nagai’s Devilman is set for world-wide release on Saturday (12.30) at 7 AM PST from Unbox for $120 (+ s/h). The adventure that began with a Mondo print now brings us this towering (12.5”) soft vinyl menace of a toy.  As the legendary character travelled through the twists and turns of Sutfin’s wicked mind, his body mutated to equal his darkness, his flesh shrunk back against his muscles and his horns and wings became etched with the evil coursing through his soul.  If you’re a Devilman fan, this is not to be missed.

25015333_140438439953545_5035353304880644096_n Sutfin_Devilman_FINAL 25024217_1568570163189791_1311038436391518208_n

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Dec 28, 2017

Touma x Mighty Jaxx – Neun Schwanz Fuchs (12.30)

Touma has teamed up with Mighty Jaxx to realize his bold vision of the fabled Nine-Tailed Fox. Standing 8.5” tall, the Neun Schwanz Fuchs features an aggressive design showcasing the Japanese artist’s signature aesthetic. If you love Touma’s classic characters this new design should speak to you.   It will be available for pre-order from Mighty Jaxx on Saturday (12.30) at 7 AM PST.

The elaborate nine-tail fox design is a strong mix of new and familiar. The fun fox elements draw you in from the curved, pointy ears, to the unexpectedly subtle tail design inspired by Japanese braiding (Kumihimo).  At its heart though, this is pure Touma from the awesome toothy-growl to the oversized paws and knuckles.  There’s also a nice update to the classic ‘knuckle’ design—the curved claws on the paws and feet amp up the ‘wild’ nicely.

25659940_1595980763852252_8256875529490168488_n 26166743_1597356663714662_3340579454750911832_n

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Dec 22, 2017

Coarse – States of Matter (1.4.18)

unnamed (2)

Coarse… What does the brand mean to you?  To us, it’s about consistent excellence.  Over the past seven years or so, Coarse has released a collection of art toys that is, at the very least, the equal of any other maker.  That said, continued success poses it’s own dilemma.  What’s next?  Not in terms of just new releases, but also in terms of a way forward, a path of honoring a tradition of excellence while avoiding the seemingly inevitable sense of stagnation. Within the past year or so, the answer has come into focus.

Evolution.  Coarse’s recent releases have blurred the lines between their art sculptures created for gallery shows and their production art toys realized in vinyl.  They’ve pushed the boundaries, both artistically and technically of what 3D art in vinyl can be, of what it aspires to be. 2017’s Ethos series brought us Coarse unleashed. Rather than focusing on the strength of a particular character, on telling one particular story, Cells and Strangers offer a more holistic, abstract approach—quirky, unexpected answers built out of the familiar characters that we know and love.

This brings us to 2018.  Coarse starts off the year in jaw-dropping, head-turning, and grin-inducing fashion with States of Matter.  The striking and contemplative piece was shown as a glorious high-end sculpture at DesignerCon.  Everything about it was consistent with Coarse’s other fine art multiples, high-end, super small numbers (editions of 3 or 5).  Yet… here it is in vinyl.

The 15” piece is clearly Coarse’s most ambitious vinyl project so far. Noop appears to float on a translucent blue circular ripple, one foot precariously placed on the tongue of a rather voracious clam-like creature. Often, art and expression is limited by technical concerns—balance, stability, weight. Here, the art seems to wash away the pragmatic.  Perhaps this is the line between vinyl art toy, and vinyl art sculpture. 

States of Matter will be available in two contrasting yet complimentary editions. The relaxed Trance awash with color (345 pieces)  and the darker and perhaps deeper Cosmos featuring Noop beset by Nism (234 pieces). Both drop on Thursday, January 4th 2017 at 7:59 AM PST directly from Coarse for $278 each.

unnamed (3)unnamed (6)unnamed (7)unnamed (5)

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Joe Whiteford x Last Zectron x Unbox -- The War Beast and The Lost City Of Gold (12.22)

lost 029 

Explore the world of The War Beast and the Lost City of Gold with the new deluxe set release ($125) from Joe Whiteford and Zectron set for Friday (12.22) at 12 PM PST over at Eric Nilla’s online shop.  Joe hand-painted nine of these sets, each featuring a War Beast—a custom of Zectron’s Tug-O-War figure—as well as a Lost City created by painting Nerd One’s Motulos Castles with gold and silver treatments echoing the calls of ancient civilizations…  Very cool thematic work.

dones 024 25017843_132853137388123_259108019688701952_ndones 061

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Dec 20, 2017

Mighty Jaxx - Temple Of Skate "Zen Plant" (12.23)



Mighty Jaxx has another 24-hour release coming up! On Saturday, December 23rd at 7AM PST, they will be dropping the new Temple of Skate "Zen Plant" piece (10”) by ToS designer Tucks. The new figure is a strong example of his artwork, blending skating and Japanese Ukiyo-e art.  The edition number will be based on the number of orders placed. If you're into peace and skateboarding, this is just the thing for you! You can find them available when the time comes on Mighty Jaxx's webstore HERE.


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Dec 19, 2017

Kurobokan - Sleepwalker "Offspring" Edition (Nimbus) (12.23)


Kurobokan is happy to share a new holiday edition of their Sleepwalker "Offspring" figure. This time around, the smaller and spunkier version of the standing Sleepwalker is ready to charm with a mono-style design with spot color accents including cross eyes in yellow and a sweet Santa scarf.  This release is limited to only 50 pieces and will be available on Saturday, December 23rd at 9PM PST. You can find them available through their shop HERE for $60 a piece (limit one per person).

25440226_1988440778065214_5382383616828346686_o 25488257_1988440831398542_4333726871128307374_o 25438803_1988440804731878_4100187937232874828_o

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Dec 15, 2017

Unbox – Epic Drop (x9) on Saturday (12.16)

Whoa.  Hold on to your hats. Unbox has a rather large, ok make that epic drop set for this Saturday (12.16) at 7 AM PST (no sleep for you…!).  Epic?  Nine vinyl releases.  First up there’s the Molly x Spongebob Christmas Edition figure ($115) featuring a holiday crossover of Kenny Wong’s  ever-popular little miss and everyone’s favorite underwater ‘toon. The charming design features Molly in a Santa outfit with a snowman Spongebob crown, and a little green Patrick.   Keeping with the holiday theme brings us to JwonToy’s new Dylie.T Holiday edition cast in green glitter (~ 4”, $35).  Next?  Little Dino Pink Ice Cream  (~ 4”, $70) from Ziqi. This new drops follows last weekends’ mixed parts release and may be the first online drop for a painted Ice Cream Dino.

Finally, fans of Thai artist Too Natthapong Rattanachoksirikul’s super cute figures are in for a treat.  First up are his ever-popular Greenie and Elfie duo in not one, but two editions – Sunset and Pearl, both of which feature a ~6” Greenie + ~3” Elfie and will be available for $90 each.  Speaking of Elfie, there’s also the new Elfie Space Edition (~4”, $36). This latest artist edition Elfie was designed by BymanStudio. Unbox also will drop  Too Natthapong’s new Kewii figure (~3”) in two editions: Classic and Snowbird GID for $25 each.

So that’s eight… Number 9 is Scott Tolleson’s new Holiday Frekkle (~4”, $55) cast in clear silver glitter vinyl which we mentioned yesterday :)

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Scott Tolleson x Pobber – Gingerbread Bao Coming Soon

Looks like Scott Tolleson and Pobber will be adding a new festive flavor to the Bao lineup.  He’s a bit hard to see in the teaser image above, so we’re hoping for a close-up shot/reveal of Gingerbread Bao shortly.  What color will his vest be?  Complimentary shade of brown/tan ?  Oh, btw the Red Bean Bao is still available from Pobber’s shop for $35 (+ s/h).  

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Gang of Monster x Mighty Jaxx – Monkey Fight (12.16)


Thai artist Gang of Monster is known for his resin fight figures, many of which have featured Muay Thai ape fighters. Now, Mighty Jaxx brings Gang of Monster’s vision of fighting apes into vinyl with Monkey Fight. From the ring to the street, the new figure introduces us to Mike, a brawler with cigarette in one hand and bottle in the other. With the signature double row of eyes, expression and slim, athletic proportions, Monkey Fight is a strong, urban translation of Gang of Monster’s vision.

Monkey Fight (6.5”) is slated to drop this Saturday (12.16) at 7 AM PST from Mighty Jaxx’s web shop for $75 (includes global shipping). And… five lucky collectors will receive artist edition Mike figures (5 pcs) hand-painted and signed by Gang of Monster himself.

24845830_1930741413911006_273751019194679296_n24845656_134461613905480_2484748415934660608_n 25014350_139459493383323_7992323573895135232_n

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Tracy Tubera x Mana Studios – Jordan Sith Infrareds is Back in Black


You asked for it, and now the Jordan Sith Infrareds resin figure—from Tracy Tubera and Mana Studios—is back in black.  That’s right, the OG/’Classic’ edition (7”) is back for a 2nd run and is available now for pre-order for $200 (+ s/h) from Tracy’s web shop. While the subsequent editions look great, the OG black + red is hard to beat.  Production will begin in 2018 and take a few months to complete.  If you missed out the first time around, here’s your second chance.

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Dec 14, 2017

Scott Tolleson x Unbox Industries – Holiday Frekkle (12.16)


Oooh… Clear… Shimmery… Frekkle!  Unbox will release this special Holiday Frekkle from Scott Tolleson at Toy Soul in Hong Kong this weekend and online on  Saturday (12.16) at 7 AM PST for $55 (+ s/h) via the Unbox web store.  Cast in clear vinyl with silver glitter, this is the second edition of Scott’s take on the beloved Kappa Yokai with sculpting by Seriouslysillyk

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Junko Mizuno -- 'The Witch, the Nurse, & the Wrestler’ at Woot Bear (12.16)

TRIAD flyer

Junko Mizuno will open her mini-solo, The Witch, The Nurse & The Wrestler: The Art of Triad Pop Up Book, at Woot Bear on Saturday (12.16) from 6 to 9 PM. Ok, so that’s a rather long title, but it nicely captures the heart of the show.  Junko will offer the original paintings and sketches she created for her Triad pop up book which was released by Poposition back in 2016.  She’ll also have prints and copies of the book.

The show will also feature previews of two of her upcoming projects.  Her upcoming collabo (Woot) Bear project with Scott Wilkowski will be shown in some form.  Plus, her glass figure for the upcoming Ikea Art Event 2018 artist series will be there to turn heads and make the wait for the April release all the more agonizing.  

Hit the jump for a preview of the artwork as well her two figure projects.

Junko Mizuno||The Witch, The Nurse & The Wrestler: The Art of Triad Pop Up Book
Opening: Saturday, December 16th 2017 (6-9 PM)

Woot Bear
1512 Haight St
San Francisco CA 94117


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Tara McPherson x ToyQube – Skull Flower 5” and 12” (12.20)


Seen as unpainted protos at NYCC and DesignerCon, Tara McPherson’s new Skullflower art toy will be available for pre-order from ToyQube in two sizes: a  5” vinyl and mixed medium figure (300 pcs, $45) and a larger 12” mixed medium piece with polystone and metal construction (150 pcs, $175)  on Wednesday (12.20). These will ship in Q1 2018. 

Previously seen only in unpainted form, the final painted treatment is quite nice.  The subtle paint applications blend pink, gold, and black accents to bring Tara’s signature character/symbol to life with an understated elegance that matches her 2D treatments. 

Interestingly, TQ is bucking the trend in the way it’s releasing the two different sizes. Normally, companies release the smaller size and then announce the larger size later on, often catching collectors off guard. Announcing and releasing both editions at once, is an unusual, welcome, and collector-friendly move. This way collectors have the opportunity to choose whichever size fits into their collection.

unnamed (5) unnamed (1)

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Paul Kaiju x Toy Art Gallery – Peppermint Slugbeard Lottery (12.15 – 12.18)


Slugbeard is back!  Toy Art Gallery wil l offer the new Peppermint Slugbeard from Paul Kaiju via a pre-order lottery for $175 (+ s/h) beginning on Friday (12.15) at 12 PM Pacific through Monday (12.18) at 12 PM.  To enter drop a line to [email protected] with “Slugbeard Lottery” as the subject and be sure to include your Paypal address and shipping info. Orders will ship out sometime in January 2018.

The Peppermint Slugbeard (10” tall) features a festive red and white marbled design.  As with all Slugbeards, the mighty warrior wields a ball and chain—yep, metal—and boasts several points of articulation.

unnamed (1) unnamed (4) unnamed (2) unnamed (3)

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Dec 13, 2017

BlackBook Toy at Toy Soul (12.15 – 12.17)


BlackBook Toy will be returning to Hong Kong for this weekend’s Toy Soul show (12.15 – 12.17) in booth i05 with new editions of three of their popular figures and several one offs from Marvel Okinawa including a preview of  BBT’ upcoming mascot figure, Guy.

First up is the new Golden Stealthzilla from Ron English (HK$1180|US$151). The new Mousezilla colorway features a nice mix of gold and copper accents on super clear vinyl.  Speaking of clear, BBT will also have the new The Beast Stealth from Mishka and Lamour Supreme (HK$1600|US$204). Rounding out the new editions is our favorite of the new drops, MC S’K’UM-kun (HK$1200|US$154). While Ronald McDonald riffs are not new, this one really hits the spot.  With the flowing red wig, the skinny body, and the comical face, MC S’K’UM-kun delivers what we’d describe as a mischievous teenage McD mascot.

BBT will also release a large number of excellent customs from Marvel Okinawa including versions of Mousezilla, S’K’UM-kun, and Evil MC as well as one-offs of the Yamakichi (HK$2160|US$276) and Tagosaku (HK$2600||US$333) figures from Yamakichiya

Finally, Blackbook will present the first look at their new mascot vinyl, Guy, as a hand-painted one off from Marvel Okinawa who designed and sculpted the bad boy canine from BBT’s original concept.  While the production figure will be released at a later date, this first custom is based on Okinawa’s original sketch for the figure design. Guy is a character of contrasts blending a ‘toon inspired style with a hard-edged persona ready to rumble with spiked bat, brass knuckles and removable hood.

Hit the jump for more preview pics including full shots of Guy which are not strictly work safe.


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Mitchell DeGuzman x DJ Wrex x 3DRetro – Holiday Flash Sale and Toy Drive (12.17)


To brighten the holidays for all, Mitchell DeGuzman and DJ Wrex  have put together a Holiday Flash Sale and Toy Drive on Sunday (12.17) from 11 AM to 6 PM at 3DRetro. In the spirit of giving and receiving, the festive toy drive event will feature big savings on toys for those that donate a toy,  a special appearance by DJ Carisma who will spin from Noon to 2 PM as well as free coffee and donuts, and last but not least – a KAWS BFF Raffle.

So how does this all work? To help children who might otherwise go without a present, 3DRetro is asking for donations of new toys valued at $10 and up.  Customers who bring a toy to donate or buy one to donate, can enjoy deep discounts on the specially marked ‘flash sale’ items.  Come early as the flash discount starts at 60% and decreases throughout the day.  All other items that are not part of the flash sale will be offered at a 25% discount, which is still a pretty good deal.

But wait, what about the BFF raffle?  Be sure to check out the official rules on the 3DRetro Instagram, but basically you need to repost the event announcement by Friday and then be at the event prior to the drawing which takes place at 5PM. If you’re looking to buy some last minute gifts for someone special (including yourself), this is a great chance to do so and save some money at the same time. 

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Scott Tolleson's 3" Spark Shard Dunny (12.15)


Scott Tolleson is bringing out a new Shard Dunny colorway for the holidays! Presenting the 3" Spark Shard Dunny, which will be available this Friday, December 15th at 10AM PST via Scott's webstore HERE. This release is limited to 80 pieces and will retail $60 each. I'd love to see some photos of these sitting on logs in the fireplace!

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Chris Ryniak – Strawberry Milk Weebeetle (12.13)


Weebeetle alert! Chris Ryniak will close out a stellar 2017 with the release of his Strawberry Milk Weebeetle today (12.13) at 6 PM PST over at Bindlewood. In addition to the new cute beast, Chris will also be offering original drawings and four new stickers.  Don’t miss out.

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Six TwentyEight – Sunrise MITT for Toy Soul (12.15)

unnamed (2)

With the darkness of winter on the horizon, Six TwentyEight is bringing you some much needed cheery brightness with the next MITT edition.  Sunrise features the irrepressible bumper car bulldog in a radiant orange edition with red and blue accents. Maybe it’s just us, but MITT himself seems to have a bit of orange glow as well.  MITT Sunrise debuts at Toy Soul over the weekend in HK (12.15 – 12.17) from the Wrong Gallery booth [F-14].  Look for an online drop sometime in January.

unnamed unnamed (1)

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Paul Kaiju -- Wendigo Chimera (12.16) & Spewdolph Pigman (12.17) Raffles!


Paul Kaiju's got a couple raffles going on this weekend! The first one, which is taking place on Saturday, December 16th is the Wendigo Chimera, which stands 12" tall with 11 points of articulation for $400. This release gives us some devil vibes with the matte looking black paint on one side and the red with black rub on the other. This raffle will be up for 6 Hours beginning at 8AM PST - 2PM PST

Next up are some limited Spewdolph "Transmutation" Pigman custom figures, which is produced by Kaijutan Toy. These will be offered via raffle on Sunday, December 17th at 8AM PST - 2PM PST. These customs measure 10" tall with 5 points of articulation and random antler configurations. These will retail $350 each.


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Jim McKenzie x ToyQube - The Scarecrow Mono Edition (12.18)


The new Mono Edition of Jim McKenzie's The Scarecrow figure is probably our favorite colorway yet! ToyQube has really knocked it out of the park with the scarecrow editions. Our favorite detail with this release is the natural colored rope used to bind this monotone character to its post. The release for this limited edition run will take place on Monday, December 18th at 10AM PST and should retail in the ball park of $175.

24846052_339958306479354_3864324411427389440_n 25006352_301780097009938_6087719020813877248_n

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Dec 12, 2017

Kathie Olivas x Kidrobot – Dark Harbor: Lucy Curious and Neptune

unnamed (1)

Kathie Olivas’ Lucy Curious and Neptune (7”) from Kidrobot continues the story from the recently released Dark Harbor mini series—co created with husband Brandt Peters.  Echoing the strong sculpts of the minis, the larger sized figure is a looker from Kathie’s signature-style girl to the animal/machine sea horse.  Love Neptune’s gear joints.

Lucy Curious is available in two editions for $80 each.  There’s the standard edition (brown Lucy + red Neptune) available from your favorite local retailer including myplasticheart and woot bear.  The KR-exclusive white edition is available at… yep, Kidrobot.com. They also have the standard edition.

unnamed (4) unnamed unnamed (2)

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Dec 08, 2017

Ziqi x Unbox – Mixed Parts Little Dino (12.9)


Prehistoric Ice Cream, while we’re not sure it’s tasty, it sure is cute.  Unbox will release special mixed parts Little Dino—‘Dino Ice Cream’ figures (~ 4”) from Ziqi on Saturday (12.9) at 4 AM PST on their webshop for $70 (+ s/h). As with other mixed parts drops, each dino treat will have assorted and mismatched colored parts  and be more or less unique.

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Taku Obata x Unbox Industries – Sofb Boy 24 Hour Timed Release


If you missed out on last weekend’s sold-out release of Sofb Boy from Taku Obata and Unbox, you have another chance, perhaps the last one. Due to overwhelming demand, they are offering the figure once again as a 24-hr timed release which started earlier Friday and runs through Saturday (12.8) at 6:59 AM PST for $85 (+ s/h) via the Unbox Web shop.  This second production run will ship out in late January/February.  Props to Unbox for making this excellent figure available to all collectors eager to add Taku’s first art toy to their shelves.


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