Zeb Goodell – Okita The Reluctant French Bulldog Samurai Assassin

If you want to see some rad stuff in person, you’re going to want to make your way to Zeb Goodell’s booth #1715 at Designer Con. Hewill be showing off hisnewest handmade resin 10" sculpture of Okita The Reluctant French Bulldog Samurai Assassin. Not only will you be able to look at it, but you will also be able to buy it! Limited to 11 total pieces broken into different colorways (2 green 2 blue, 2 black, 2 gold and 3 red). The piece itself comes with removable mask, gun with leather holster, backpack, custom bandana and samurai sword. Okita also comes packaged in a laser etched wooden box! All of this will retail $475 each.

After the great war of 2149 decimated the earth, leaving all survivors in imminent peril, Okita appeared. Was he from another realm, planet or just created? .. no one really knew, but he was exactly what was needed. Nomadic groups had sprung up across the newly formed "united" states terrorizing anyone in their paths. For as long as anyone could remember Okita was out there vanquishing enemies and avenging those who were wronged. With the knowledge he acquired from the long forgotten art of the Samurai, Okita vanquished his enemies and restored order for a short period of time. But now there is another uprising and he must return.    This is his story… Okita the Samurai Assassin.