Tracy Tubera – Maximum Effort Deadpool Resin + Thriller Pin for DesignerCon



We’ve come to expect a kicks-infused cinematic resin from Tracy Tubera each year as DesignerCon rolls around.  Walt, Future Boy, Jordan sith… and …  now Maximum Effort, Tracy’s take on the not-so-serious but 100% kick butt Deadpool. We kinda doubt Tracy has to psych himself up with a little mantra over and over again ala Wade Wilson, but hey whatever works.  The new light-hearted resin homage is a collaboration with partners-in-crime Mana Sutdios and features Jordan 4’s—Tracy digs comics but he’s all about the kicks.  We’re looking forward to the full reveal, should be any day now.

In addition to his new art toy, Tracy’s also upping his pin game with a gnarly Thriller pin done with the folks at Reppin. And yes, it’s GID.  But of course!  Find these new drops and a strong selection of prints at Tracy’s booth [#320].

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