Paradise Toys – DesignerCon Lineup includes T9G, Shoko, Dehara, and More


Paradise Toys [booth 1010] is making the trip from Taipei for a return showing at DesignerCon this weekend.  They’ll be showcasing the work of Asian artists with sofubi and resin releases from T9G, Shoko Nakazawa, Dehara Yukinori, Kasing Lung, Fufufanny and Shon.

For T9G and Shoko collectors, this year is all about Jade with five releases in this well-done colorway.  For those looking for something brand-new, there’s the Dehara x T9G SATASHied Rangeas hybrid figure (above) produced by Paradise. If you haven’t had a chance to see Kasing Lung’s stylishly cute figures in person, you’re in for a treat. The release line-up is quite extensive as you can see from the official list direct from Paradise. As impressive as the list is, Paradise expects to bring additional figures as well.   Hit the jump for pics of everything.

Paradise Toys DesignerCon Releases

Rangeas – Jade Ver.
Nekotaron – Jade Ver.
Nekotaro – Jade Ver.

[T9G x Shoko Nakazawa]
Rangeron – Jade Ver.

[Shoko Nakazawa]
Byron – Jade Ver.

[Dehara Yukinori x T9G]
SATAOSHIed Rangeas – OG ver.

[Kasing Lung]
Spooky – OG & Blue Glitter Ver.
Tycoon – GID Ver.

[Dehara Yukinori]
Motoyoshi the fisherman – Yellow & Pink Ver.
Tosakenta – Rose Red Ver.
Tomorou the homeless – Apache Ver.
Tomorou – One Offs
Satoshi – Normal Ver.
Mentakun – Baby Cyan, Baby Yellow & Baby Pink ver.

Lonely Linus – Classic Crayon Pink Ver.
Acorn & Nutty – OG Ver.

Pumpkin Man – Nightmare Ver.
SHINOBI – Bloody Ver.
Hug Hug Cat – Pink One Ver.