Miso – Twin Bun Bunn for DesignerCon


For her very first Designer Con, LA artist Miso will debut her brand-new Twin Bun Bunn sets.  The two may seem similar, but if you look closer you’ll see that Bun (pink) is nice and Bunn (blue) is … naughty—check out those red eyes and super sharp fangs. These are  100% Miso: sculpting, casting, painting, and packaging. Each features a . An edition of 25 sets, each features the pair of 4” hares with fancy cord loops for hanging on a wall or on your Christmas tree.  She’ll have the first ten Twin Bun Bunn sets available at her artist table [TC17 in Hall C] for $150 each.

In addition the new bunnies, Miso will also have a selection of her small faux taxidermy style resins painted in a beautiful porcelain style.

Twin_ed01_sq1 package_IG_2 Twin_ed01_3