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Oct 31, 2017

DKE – Designer Con 2017 Reveal #1

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If you love bootleg art action figures, DKE has you covered once again at  DesignerCon [booth 812].  As usual, they are breaking up their massive list of releases into parts, three this time.  Here’s the first grouping which features some very interesting toys.

Let’s start with the third and last—boo!—Star Wars-themed figure from Mark Todd. STR WAS: DTH VDR (3.75”, 30 s/n pcs, $55) has a crazy, eclectic sculpt which nicely captures the artist’s drawing style as seen on the sweet backing card.  With Halloween just around the corner, Freddy Frett (3.75”, 30 s/n pcs, $65) by Credenda Studios is quite timely. Staying with the frightful, the twisted mind of Wolf Pits brings us the Preacher Creature (4”, 25 s/n pieces, $55).   While bootleggers tend to focus on a few beloved cinematic franchises, it’s nice to see something a bit out ouf the box such as A Life Day Story—with Apologies to Ralphie—by Buzzard Guts.  Finally we’ll close things out with Scum & Villainy – Wretched Ball by UME Toys (3”, 20 s/n pcs, $65) featuring a fun OG sculpt.

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Qpop at DesignerCon: New Konatsu Sofubi


Qpop will be returning to DCon [#208] this year and they’ve got some mighty tempting figures from Konatsuya. There’s an indigo Pigora and a pearlescent Sleeping Nigora, both great in their own right.  You may recognize both of these as the figures Konatsu released at the recent Design Festa. So if you weren’t lucky enough to scoop them up in Tokyo, this is your shot.

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Itokin Park – DCon Update II: Green Glitter Astronaut + More


So last week we mentioned that Itokin Park will be returning to DCon at The Sour Lemon booth [#1700 in Hall C] with a brand-new space explorer sofubi.  Turns out he’s going BIG this year with several additional releases including this fancy green glitter + gold edition of his classic Astronaut figure.  Plus he’s also busy on the collabo front with new editions of Amanda Visell’s Beaver and Michelle Valigura’s  Robot Girl in as yet unrevealed colorways.


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Ferg – Halloween GID Misfortune Cat Pins



Happy fright night! Ferg has released two new Misfortune Cat enamel pins for Halloween over at Playge. First up is a GID edition for some after-dark haunting.  There’s also a new Gray+Red design to accentuate the self-inflicted mayhem.  Each of the new pins is limited to 100 pieces, and is available for $15 [includes USA shipping] from the Playge shop.


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Oct 30, 2017

Kontasuya Exhbition at myplasticheart: Exclusives + Event Info (11.3)



Not only is Konatsu returning to NYC for her third exhibition at myplasticheart on Friday (11.3, 7-10 pm), she’s bringing a staggering number of her animal friends with her. There are six show releases including Daioh Negora Pink Lucky Cat,  Negora Brown Moustache, Fluffy Negora Pearl White, Daioh Shibara Hariko, Sakiros Platinum, and Pigora White-Eye. That’s quite a lineup of production sofubi drops.  In light of the anticipation for the show, myplasticheart will hand out numbered ‘line’ tickets at 1 PM EST on Friday at the gallery.  The ticket number will determine order of purchase with the line starting at 6:30 PM for sales starting at 7.


The exhibition will also feature a number of customs from Konatsu  and guest artists Black Seed Toys and Rampage Toys (Daioh Negora, Sleeping Negora  and Negora).  Konatsu will also be live customizing her brand-new Sitting Negora on Saturday (2-4 PM) for up to 20 people—first come, first served. Customers will be able to choose from one of several painted templates and then Konatsu will paint the custom Sitting Negoras ($36) right then and there!

As is her style, Konatsu will be keeping busy during the opening reception. She’ll be live painting from 8-9 PM and doing a Meet & Greet session for fans/collectors from 9-10PM during which she’ll be signing but will not be sketching.  Goes without saying that this is a must-see event for Konatsu fans.


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Konatsuya Exhibition
Opening: Friday, November 3rd 2017 (6-9 PM ?)

210 Forsyth St.
New York NY 10002

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Jermaine Rogers – Halloween Drop: Spectre Resin + Pins (10.31)


Boo!  Jermaine Rogers is celebrating Halloween in style with a trio of Spectre drops.  First up is the Dero:Creeping Spectre Edition (50 pcs, $150 + s/h) in limited numbers, previously released at SDCC.  Rounding out the drop, the Spectre GID variants of  Jermaine’s Dero ‘Trance’ and Aleppin Sane limited-edition enamel pins ($15 + s/h) are the perfect choice for getting your fright on wherever and whenever.  All of this haunting fun can be yours on Tuesday (10.31) at 12 PDT from JermaineRogers.com.

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Super7 Halloween Releases! (10.31)

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With Halloween being Super7's favorite Holiday, they've got some special release ready! First up is the third installment of their 18" Allen Warrior figure in an awesome translucent green! These bad boys will retail $195 each and features chrome grill and retractable jaw.

For all you Misfits fans, Super7 will finally be releasing their Fiend ReAction Figures in black and red. Each of these figures come from their upcoming Horror line, which will also include Alfred Hitchcock and Nosferatu.

All of these figures will be available online and shortly afterwards in their San Diego and San Francisco stores.

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Oct 27, 2017

High Proof Toys' New Glacier Glow Rock Type Figures!


For all you crystal and mineral collectors, High Proof Toys' brings to you another spectacular resin figure release! The Glacier Glow Rock Type series features 7 different glow in the dark colorways, White, Red Day Glow, Blue, Aqua, Green, Green Day Glow and Purple. Each colorway are limited to 3 pieces and will retail $18 a piece. You can find them available now HERE while they last!



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Oct 26, 2017

Paul Kaiju Raffle Info for Designer Con 2017!


Paul Kaiju has just released some information you may want to know when attending this years Designer Con 2017. As every year, PK will be holding raffles for his awesome releases at this booth #533. The raffle info is as follows:

Saturday, November 11th

9AM - 2:30PM - Raffle Ticket Pick-Up

3PM - Raffle Ticket Drawing

Sunday, November 12th

10AM - 1230PM - Raffle Ticket Pick-Up

1PM - Raffle Ticket Drawing

Just like every year, Paul's booth will definitely be the happenin spot to be when it's time to draw numbers. Stay tuned for photos of all the goodies he will be bringing with him!

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Marsham Toy Hour: S2 E26 - Special Guest Sad Salesman


This weeks episode of Marsham Toy Hour brings in a very special guest, that goes by the name Sad Salesman or Eric Althin if you ever meet him IRL. You may know him as the guy behind the self produced vinyl figure, The Wizard figure from 5 Points Festival, which we totally adore btw! Gary andGeorge chat with Eric about his coming into the vinyl toy scene, as well as some leaks and sneak peeks and lightning round! Be sure to give this episode a listen!

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Whereschappell – Cable Resin x 6! (10.29)


Whereschappell makes truly impressive resin ‘action figure’ renditions of iconic comic book, sci-fi, and movie characters.  Next up?  Cable who will be busting heads on the screen in Dead Pool 2 and Avengers:Infinity Wars. 

Whereschappel’s version is, as you might expect, well-sculpted, exudes cool and is over-the-top.  No really…  Partly because of indecision (and maybe because he’s a bit mad), he’s offering Cable in six editions.  That’s right, boy and girls.  There are three different color/gear options for regular cable and three more for Old Cable with wise beard.  Each is loaded for bare with soft goods poncho, and one giant gun 3D-printed by Robb Crafer (@albion_fx). 


Limited to 60 total pieces across the six versions, Cable goes up for pre-order on Sunday, October 29th at 12 PM PST for £89 (~$118) + s/h over at Cracked Hatchet. These are slated to ship in late December or early January.

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DeKorner x Scott Tolleson -- Kookie No Good: The Way De Kookie Krumbles Ed. Early Release at L.A. Comic-Con (10.27 – 10.29)

DeKorner will debut the very last of its Kookie No Good sofubi by Scott Tolleson at Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic-Con this weekend (10.27 – 10.29). This is the first chance to add the The Way De Kookie Krumbles edition to your collection.  Ten pieces of this parting edition will be available as an early release at the DeKorner booth [#1031] for $40.  Can’t make it out?  No worries. The general release is set for DesignerCon [11.11-11.12]


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Oct 24, 2017

Jason Freeny x Adventure Time x Mighty Jaxx – XXRAY Plus: BMO (10.28)


If you’re an Adventure Time fan, Jason Freeny and Mighty Jaxx have just the thing to add some razzle dazzle to your collection.  The XXRAY Plus: BMO figure (6”, 500 pcs, $169) adds a ‘beating’ heart  that flashes on and off and what appears to be a light-up screen face to the OG BMO XXRAY figure.  Dubbed the world’s first battery-powered BMO, this technological marvel drops on Saturday (10.28) from Mighty Jaxx for $169 with free global shipping.


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Tristan Eaton – 3DRetro Mural WIP


Tristan Eaton is in the process of putting up a sweet mural on the side of 3DRetro in Glendale. He started on Tuesday and looks like he’ll finish up tomorrow.  If you’re in the area, drop by to watch him do his thing and I also hear there might be some ice cream to help beat the crazy heat—late October?  Shots: DeKevin and @mitchelldeguzman.


1851 Victory Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91201

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Konatsuya Exhibition at myplasticheart (11.3 – 11.26)


Konatsu will return to myplasticheart for a new solo opening on Friday November 3rd, 2017.  There’s not much information yet, but mph has given us a teeny preview with the above flier showcasing  new Negora and Shibara sofubi.  If history is any guide, we can expect some original art as well.


Konatsuya Exhibition
Opening: Friday, November 3rd 2017 (6-9 PM ?)

210 Forsyth St.
New York NY 10002

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Amanda Visell – Wood AT-ATs !

Holy AT-ATsAmanda Visell has just recreated the epic battle between Luke and an AT-AT in wood. That’s right, each of the  deluxe handcrafted wood sets features a Rebel Snowspeeder entangling one of the lumbering Imperial beasts.  Amanda’s packed in quite a bit of detail into each of the 12” high AT-ATs—nicely done cockpit armament—and added stylish painted panel accents throughout to give it her signature style. Limited to just 5 pieces, Amanda’s AT-ATs are available directly from Switcheroo for $800 (+ s/h).


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Toy Geeks Behind the Counter Episode 41: Old and Dumb

IMG_8746This week’s episode of Toy Geeks Behind the Counter is hot, fresh, and ready for streaming on Youtube or below. The Geeks—George, Ben, and Jack V.—are back cracking jokes, dropping wisdom and checking out new toys including the  20” Dragon King, Bruce Lee-Licensed vinyl, by kaNO and Toy Qube, Pulp Fiction: Jules Winnfield action figure + diorama from Diamond Select Toys, Night Riders minis from Nathan Jurevicius  and KidrobotUDF Sesame Street series from Medicom Toy and a fun mail segment featuring Ric Strohmeyer’s  custom Bertie container project for DCon.

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Kaiju One x Vintage & Vinyl Club x JP Toys – Super Sun Sun MCIT Halloween Exclusive


There’s a fun new Super Sun Sun sofubi from Kaiju One coming exclusively to Vintage & Vinyl Club (Hong Kong) and JP Toys (Thailand). Inspired by fast food and horror, MCIT features the iconic burger chain colors and supersizes the concept with burger, fries, and milk shake accessories. Adding a bit of the Halloween fright, the new exclusive also features an IT style clown face.  So that’s the good news.  The maybe not so-good news depending on where you live is that MCIT will be offered only via in-store lottery at VVC at Comix Base in HK on 10.28 at 5 PM (18 pcs) and JP Toys in Bangkok on 10.31 (20 pcs).

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Oct 23, 2017

Itokin Park -- Brand New Astronaut at DesignerCon

22638779_158529044743515_4638513651173556224_n (2)

Oooh.  The Sour Lemon has announced that Itokin Park will release a brand-new super spacey sofubi figure at their DesignerCon booth [#1700].  While we don’t have an official name yet, the new toy, seen here in a blue test shot, adds a bit of edge to the cosmic cute of Itokin’s previous Astronaut and Space Mode Man figures.

With a determined face and what appear to be power/mechanical arms, this explorer means business. While not immediately obvious in the blue test shot photos, a close-up pic from Itokin’s IG shows off the increased mechanical detail in the new sculpt including tech bits on the helmet collar. Plus, looks like there will be an inner collar sticker with more tech details.

Oh, and did we mention? Articulated arms.  Unlike the two previous astronauts, you’ll be able to pose this toy.  Also going off the pic, it looks like this one might be a bit taller than the previous figures with an elongated helmet.  

22638916_362525254171479_8581157869280296960_n 22582319_139137563382882_4930521322213081088_n 22639190_522329141448407_2022721634099527680_n

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Cameron Tiede – Veg-A-Bow Hot Edition (10.24)


It’s time for Veg-A-Bow (5”, 20 pieces) to take a bow.  Cameron Tiede’s newest Wood Candy Workshop toy makes her debut—with bonus print—online on Tuesday (10.24) at 4 AM PDT (set your alarm clock!)  from the WCW web shop where she’ll be available for $129. First day customers will receive free domestic shipping/reduced internaitonal shipping. 

The new 5” figure with the stylish ‘do is handcrafted in Flower Mound, Texas from Maple (head) and painted cherry wood (eyes, tongue, body).  The 5” wood figure features magnetic articulation at the neck, comes in a muslin sack and includes a 6x8” signed/numbered giclee print highlighting her inquisitive side.

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Oct 21, 2017

Alex Pardee x 3DRetro – Exclusive Darkness Astronaut + Capsule Release/Signing (10.21)

JPEG image 6

Tonight’s the night… 3DRetro will release its Exclusive ‘The Astronaut’ Darkness Edition (10”, 100 pcs, $130) from Alex Pardee and ToyQube along with a special mini-capsule collection from Alex  at a special release/signing event at 6 PM (10.21) at their Glendale location. What’s in the capsule ;)  There’s a sweet GID Dark Astronaut Tee ($25), mini Astronaut Doppelganger print (50 pcs, $10), and a larger 20x16” print (40 pcs, $40).  No word yet on online drops though we imagine at least some of these will sell out at the event.

JPEG image 7 JPEG image 3 JPEG image JPEG image 9 JPEG image 11 JPEG image 10

Alex Pardee||‘The Astronaut’ Darkness Edition + Capsule Release/Signing
Saturday, October 21st (6- 10 PM)

1851 Victory Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91201

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Oct 20, 2017

Huck Gee x Mighty Jaxx – Gold Life: Tapso The Ornery Panda (10.21)


Mighty Jaxx will release Huck Gee’s Tapso the Ornery Panda, the latest, largest and apparently last Gold Life figure, on Saturday (10.21) at 7 AM PDT.  Standing 8” tall, Tapso casts a long shadow on the previously released figures in the series.  Once a respected warrior, Tapso now spends his time drinking and gambling. His blood shot eyes hint at his path as does the corked bottle he keeps at hand.

The release is bittersweet news as Mighty Jaxx has described Tapso as the ‘last’ Gold Life figure.  When Huck closed his studio and stepped away back in August, it sounded as if Gold Life might continue, at a slower pace. Now, the apparent ‘end’ of the series seems to leave the fate of the anticipated Wolf Rider in limbo.

GL_Tapso_1s 22427632_148085022465351_2961719931613216768_n22499961_562607370757820_8883972597159559168_n   22580332_417070815374149_8118501239081140224_n

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MJ Hsu x UVDToys – Luna Custom Series Available Now


Earlier today, Urban Vinyl Daily released MJ Hsu’s Luna Custom Series  over at UVDToys featuring five gorgeous nature-inspired interpretations (5”, $250)  of the popular vinyl toy from The Bots x UVD.  Overflowing with magical ideas and experience customizing a Luna for the official custom show, MJ has transformed  each of the Lunas with a mix of metallic and iridescent paint as well as GID elements. She’s highlighted Luna’s clever design, hanging all manners of awesomeness from Luna’s branch horns—pink GID jelly fish, GID koi, GID dark crystals and more.  Beautiful work.  If you’re digging these customs, you’ll want to drop by her  DesignerCon booth this year [#413] for more glittery goodness.


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Toy Geeks Behind the Counter Ep 40 with Les Schettkoe


Toy Geeks hits 40!  Available now for your streaming pleasure, Episode 40 features guest artist/designer Les Schettkoe.   There’s a pretty decent chance that you have some of Les’ toy designs sitting on your shelf including mini-fig versions of classic licenses including G.I. Joe  and Transformers.  Les, Ben, Jack V. and George talk shop and review several toys including  one of Les’ recent designs, BAIT’s Mr. Pennybags Monopoly toy.  The guys also bring us a nice look at 3DRetro’s exclusive The Astronaut Darkness Edition from Alex Pardee and ToyQube which drops on Saturday (10.21) at a signing/release party at 3DRetro in Glendale. Hmm, what else?  My TGBTC adventure continues in #40 with another dose of  Jack’s Spotlight featuring a first look at a brand-new, as-yet unreleased toy – Baphomaniac by Martin Ontiveros x Toy Art Gallery.

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Luke Chueh x FLABSLAB - Boba White Edition (10.21)


Available for pre-order for 48 hours starting this Saturday, October 21st at 8AM PST is the new White Edition Boba bust by Luke Chueh and FLABSLAB. Not counting the two follow-on releases/revisions of the OG design, this is the second colorway of Luke's resin Boba bust, inspired by his original painting. The white edition pays homage to the ever so popular "Prototype Boba Fett" colorway. You can find them for pre-order HERE for $300 + s/h.

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