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Sep 30, 2017

Super7 x NYCC 2017 - Exclusives List


Super7 has a pretty awesome variety of exclusives for this years New York Comic-Con. They've got action figures, they've got sofubi and they got M.U.S.C.L.E. figures!

Starting with the sofubi, we already mentioned the Silver Streak Mummy Boy. They've now added the GID Blood Splattered Queen Alien Soft Vinyl figure with Secret-Base, which will retail $65.

Now for their M.U.S.C.L.E. Figure releases, they've got a new orange colorway for their "The Worst" line. You've got two packs to choose from that will retail $6 each. From their Mega-Man line, they introduce a new The Devil M.U.S.C.L.E. figure with this two-pack, which comes in yellow for $10.

To cover their 3.75" Figures, they've collaborated with Toy Pizza for the exclusive The Worst - Horrid Falcon and Knights of the Slice - Fight Fire two-Pack. This set comes carded and will cost you $25. Then for those die-hard Jack Kirby Fans, NYCC gets their very own exclusive Lord of Light ReAction figure. The "Midnight God" will run you $15. All these great items and many more can be found at their booth #126.

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Brent Nolasco - "Blessed Blessed Oblivion"


We can't get enough of Brent Nolasco's  "Blessed Blessed Oblivion" figure. His newest edition of the moth monster is cast in translucent red resin figure, a 4-part pull that measures 4" x 5" without its base. Each figure comes bagged with header and can be found available now HERE for $75.

image (2) image (3)

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Sep 29, 2017

Deadly Delivery – Deadly Apple, Monster Shit, and Troll (9.30)


After a triumph return last month, Zectron and Retroband are putting Deadly Delivery back on the originally intended monthly schedule with a triple drop of  resin rebel minis (< 2”) this Saturday at 10 AM PDT from the project’s web shop. Inspired by the cool trinkets and toys peddled in comic book back pages, comes Zectron’s Deadly Apple, a nod to misunderstood witches in ‘sleeping death’ cherry red.  Proving that not all toy poop is created equal, Zectron unleashes Monster Shit in black featuring a pile with 13 skulls littered throughout. Finally, Retroband says farewell to the his radical Troll with a second edition in deep purple complete with teeny, tiny, terrifying curved blade accessory.  We picked up the gray troll last month and were really impressed the quality—tight sculpt with plenty of detail.  We’re pretty sure that these would blow away the mail-in toys back in the day that inspired this project.


DD1 dd3

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Sep 28, 2017

Lumicar Launches Lumisofvi at TTF with T9G, Shoko Nakazawa and Konatsu


Toby HK and Alex Chin’s Lumicar is extending its no-batteries light-up car concept to the world of sofubi with its brand-new Lumisofvi line launching at Taipei Toy Festival 2017 with three releases from Japanese artists T9G, Shoko Nakazawa  and Konatsu .  Each toy pairs what appears to be new sculpts of each artist’s characters with a retro style car.  Each can be powered up with a separately available USB magnetic charging action for Lumi light-up fun.


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Sep 27, 2017

Justin Ishmael - Galligantus Release + Han Cholo Colab


Justin Ishmael is happy to announce their second release of their Galligantus Japanese Vinyl figure, which is based on the Famous Monsters of Filmland 1968 Yearbook Cover. This piece is sculpted by Handsome Taro and produced by Lulubell in Japan. This stunning 11" figure is available three ways: in an unpainted green blank for $165, Painted (by Justin) for $225, or if you want to make the painted version even more bad-ass, you can get a metal Helmet by Han Cholo for $350. The pre-order is open  until November 3rd. Be sure to get your  orders in to guarantee this awesome piece f or your collection.Print all


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Amanda Visell - F*ck Off Bust


Let's be honest, there hasn't been to much positivity in the world as of late. There are definitely people out there who aren't helping things become any better either. So we're feeling just like Amanda Visell with her latest resin release, F*ck Off. This 5" Resin bust comes in two parts. Each figure is hand-cast, hand-painted and dropped off by hand at the local post office. You can find them available now HERE for $125.


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Dead Zebra Inc. x Android - Oktober Fest Android Mini Available Now



Dead Zebra Inc. has released yet another awesome special holiday Mini Android release! Check out their latest release, which celebrates a very popular holiday in Germany, Oktoberfest! This lederhosen wearing, stein sipping Mini-Android figure! This figure comes with hat and mug accessories and can be found HERE for $12. They also have a matching mug to get with the figure, which is available for Pre-Order HERE for $15.

android_oktoberfest-withbox-1280__63847.1506373684 android_oktoberfest-withstein-1280__72760.1506377023 android_oktoberfest-34-1280__85814.1506373683

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Sep 26, 2017

Toy Geeks Behind the Counter Ep 37 – NYCC Preview with Sarah Jo Marks


It’s Tuesday!  Which means there’s a brand new episode of Toy Geeks Behind the Counter for you to geek out to.  Episode 37 features DKE’s awesome co-founder Sarah Jo Marks with a rapid-fire preview of what DKE has lined up for NYCC (10.5 – 10.8).  If you love bootleg art action figures, this is must-see streaming.  You can watch on Youtube or down below.

This episode also features news of a screening  (9.30) of the finalists from the Dark Crystal Fan Film competition in Atlanta at the The Center for Pupperty Arts, including Toy Geek Jack Venturo’s Akasta: The Salvation of Time.

Finally, yours truly is back on the show with a new spotlight featuring the amazing Gorilla sofubi line from Japanese artist Hirota.  Check out all of his amazing work.

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Sep 25, 2017

Michael Skattum x Clutter – Black Blood Exclusives (9.25)

unnamed (1)

Clutter is set to release  not one but two exclusive figures from Michael Skattum (“Draculazer”) and GUMS in the arresting Black Blood colorway featuring a retina-searing mix of hot pink and a funky accent rainbow.  The Black Blood Alien Lazer and Draculobster figures stand 10” tall, are limited to 20 pieces, and will be available for $85 (+ s/h) from the Clutter web shop on Tuesday (9.25) at 9 AM PDT. 100% dope.

While they share a considerable amount of funky DNA, you can tell  Alien Lazer and Draculobster apart from their different head and right arm sculpts.  Either way, you’ll end up with a freak to liven up your shelf. Our pick ?  Alien ftw.

unnamedunnamed (5)unnamed (2)

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Umi Toys Hawaii x Woebots x Silent Stage – Aqua King Mini Panda King III


Umi Toys Hawaii has just dropped their exclusive Aqua King from Woebots and Silent Stage.  This new edition of the Mini Panda King III is cast in brilliant translucent blue resin—matching Hawaii’s Pacific blue—and is available for pre-order now from Umi’s web shop for $59.99 + s/h.  Go get it!


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Sep 24, 2017

DKE Toys Reveals First Part of NYCC Lineup


DKE Toys will be slinging artful action fingers (affectionately referred to as bootlegs) at NYCC (10.5 – 10.8) from booth #678.  As is their tradition, they are revealing their exclusives in a series of announcements. The first four reveals include three Star Wars-inspired figures and one Simpsons send-up.  Starting with the road less travelled brings us Blart (4”, 50 s/n pcs, $75)  by Manny X Romero who’s translated Ron English’s vision of a hedonistic Bart into a 4” resin figure.  Each Blart comes with 2 of four total snack accessories and comes with a have your cake and it eat too clamshell package—a trend we’d love to see more of.

On the Galaxy, Far, Far Away front we have Bounty Hunter (24 s/n pieces, $150), Manly Art’s nod to the under appreciated and maligned Gredo. The real story here may be the packaging. Each sparkly green figure comes with a hand-painted backing card.  Doing sentimental in their own special way, Special Ed Toys brings you Stranger Wars: Princess El (3.75”, 25 s/n pcs, $100). Finally, DKE will release Josh Mayhem’s first 3.75” foray.  Blown Away Trooper (3.75”, 50 s/n pcs, $125) brings Josh’s signature style to the ubiquitous storm trooper.

unnamed (1)  unnamed (2) unnamed (3)

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Sep 22, 2017

Bwana Spoons – Kappa Workshop + PopUp (9.24) at Faceguts in LA

facegutsflyer webz

Bwana Spoons is in LA (woo!) in part for his fancy shmancy one day event on Sunday (9.24) at Tim Biskup’s world famous Face Guts. Bwana is cramming as much goodness as possible into six hours including a free Kappa Workshop/drawing class from Noon to 1 (preceded by an exhaustive Kappa lecture spanning at least 3 minutes) as well as a pop-up featuring new toys, tees, pins and prints (1 to 6PM) from himself and Liverad Studios.   So if you’re in the area, drop by and spend Sunday with Bwana and fellow toy fanatics.

Bwana Spoon and Friends Occupy Face Guts (official name, we pinky swear)
Sunday, September 24th 2017 (12-6 PM)

Face Guts (aka Tim Biskup’s secret stash)
4136 Verdugo Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90065

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Super7 Unveils a new Mummy Boy for NYCC


Super7 will be heading East for NYCC (10.5 – 10.8).  They’ll be bringing plenty of new treasures with them including a new Silver (glitter?) Mummy Boby with Silver, Black and Gold Spray.  Look for more goodies announced shortly, all available at booth #126.

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myplasticheart NYCC Exclusives Revealed So Far


NYCC (10.5 –10.8) is sneaking up on us all.  NYCC stalwart myplasticheart will be offering enticing exclusives as well as an amazing selection of blind-box figures from booth #888 – auspicious number ftw. mph has revealed four exclusives/debuts so far.  First up is the brand-new kawaii The Dessert Oracle by Sad Salesman ($50, vinyl) with a triple stack of sweet satisfaction.  If sofubi is your thing, mph will have the new MITT Rainbow from Six Twentyeight ($42, vinyl) featuring a colorful, gradient-loving bumper car bulldog.  Monsters?  Konatsu delivers with a new  clear green Daioh Negora (price tbd) with gold, silver and black accents.

Hmm… Are we forgetting something?  Pins!!! Fear not enamel enthusiasts, mph will have the brand-new Pocket Pork Dumpling pins from Shawnimals in two designs ($10 each).

Maybe I’m just getting old and things are blurring together but with the rise of several new-ish Asian conventions (TTE, ATC, BTS, Toy Soul)  it feels like convention season runs almost year around. Taipei Toy Festival follows right on the heels of NYCC opening on 10.7 and running through the 10th.  And… DesignerCon drops just over a month later (11.11-11.12).  It’s a promising though pricey  development.

unnamed (2) unnamed (1)unnamed (4) unnamed (3)

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Frank Kozik x Blackbook Toy – Lil Alex and Dim Devil Edition (9.22)



“Wild”, that’s how we’d describe the next edition of Frank Kozik’s A Clockwork Carrot sofubi figures from Blackbook Toy. Officially dubbed the Devil Edition, the new Lil Alex and Dim figures (~ 11.2”)  feature a super vivid combo of mint and black vinyl with purple accents throughout. If you look closely you’ll note some new paint treatments including bloodshot eyes.  As is quickly becoming their tradition, The Devil Edition figures include an alternate variant, this time around featuring mint shirt and pant cuffs.  Each figure includes removable masks, this time with a bright red nose—Rudolph has newfound competition. If you’re wondering about the color differences in the product photos, we’ve checked and both Alex and Dim feature the same ‘mint’ coloring which is apparently  greenish-blue rather than the more pronounced blue hue seen in some of the Dim photos.

The Devil Edition Lil Alex and Dim figures drop individually  on Friday (9.22) at 8 AM PDT from Blackbook Toy for 13500 yen (~ $123) + s/h each . You’ll be able to select the regular or mint cuff variant when you order. 


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Sep 21, 2017

Alex Pardee x ToyQube – Half a Nice Day (9.22)

Alex Pardee’s sarcastic poke-in-the-eye Half a Nice Day vinyl (10”)will be released by ToyQube on Friday (9.22) at 10 AM CDT  for $95 (+ s/h).  First seen as a proto at Five Points Festival in May, the new figure features a thin smiley face character who has clearly seen better days.  The visual gag works extremely well here thanks to the strong sculpting and really well-done blood and trauma paint effects. Interestingly, the production version does without the eyeball hanging by a thread from the proto.   Half a Nice Day follows the Astronaut, Alex’s extremely well-received first collaboration with TQ which took home a DTA.

IMG_1880 IMG_1882

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Amanda Visell - The Iron Giant Limited Wooden Figure Release


Amanda Visell just added some more goodies to her store today! Up for grabs is her Iron Giant wooden figures, which are limited to only 5 pieces. The awesome thing about this release is that each one is a little unique from the other. They are all done by hand, as well as hand painted. The Iron Giant stands 11" tall and can be found available HERE for $500 each.

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Paul Kaiju - Purple Passion Raffle (09.24)Paul Kaiju - Purple Passion Raffle (09.24)


This Sunday, September 24th, Paul Kaiju will be holding the Purple Passion raffle! Included in the bundle is a Dual Bat, Mockbat and Domino Jack, all in a beautiful unpainted purple vinyl. The raffle will only be open for one full hour starting at 8AM PST and ending at 9AM PST. Those lucky enough to win this awesome set will be invoiced $420 if their name is pulled.

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Sep 20, 2017

Kozik x Kidrobot - Free Hug Bear Available Now!


Frank Kozik is out with a brand new toy with Kidrobot. Inspired by vintage squeeky toys, Frank is happy to bring to you, Free Hugs Bear! These are available now through Kidrobot in two colorways. The Silver edition is the Kidrobot exclusive and is limited to 200 pieces and retails $100 found HERE. The orange edition is also available through Kidrobot and KR retails and is available HERE for $75. Free Hug Bear stands 10" tall and comes packaged in a windowed box. It's cute and it's gruesome, what more can you want!


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RecycleC x Toy Art Gallery – Takhon (9.22)

unnamed (2)

Toy Art Gallery's imposing Takhon is a new figure from Thai artist RecycleC.  Inspired by Thailand’s Phi Ta Khon festival (ghost festival) and its distinctive ghost masks, the 7.5” figure features two ghost buddies attached to Takhon via chain and a stylish, removable sword. Takhon will debut in an unpainted flesh colorway dropping on Friday (9.22) at 12 PM PDT from the TAG Web Shop for $95 (+ s/h).  

The evocative sculpt has intricate details throughout, especially  on the face/head and sword hilt and ornamentation. It’s quite posable with seven points of articulation (head, arms, wrists and legs)  Perhaps best known for his insane Rajawanorn figure,  RecycleC’s collector base should grow with this new vision.

unnamed unnamed (3)

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Sep 19, 2017

Toy Geeks Behind the Counter Ep. 36 -- 100% Art Toys

unnamed (1)Looking for something to watch on the ol’ Youtube?  How about this week’s Toy Geeks Behind the Counter episode?  #36 starts with art toys, is filled with art toys and ends with… art toys :)  Ben, Jack V. and yours truly take a closer look at several figures including the Takashi Murakami x Complex Con x BAIT Mr. Dob vinyl, the new GID ‘13’ Dunnys from Brandt Peters and Kidrobot, the 20” Andy Warhol Plush Dunny from Kidrobot, Ron English’s Sugar Diabetic Bear and the new Wish figures—ceramics meets textiles—from Taylored Curiosities in our first mail segment.

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Sep 16, 2017

Time to Party at 3DRetro with Juan Muniz x Luke Chueh Headspace and Prisoner Percocet Drops (9.16)

FullSizeRender IMG_5924

Ready for a double dose of 3DRetro exclusives?  It goes down tonight (Saturday, 9.16)  with a release/signing party  at their Glendale location from 6 to 9 PM.  You’ll be able to pick up the Juan Muniz x Luke Chueh Headspace (200 pcs, $60) —featuring Juan’s Felipe and Luke’s sad bear—as well as Luke’s Prisoner Percocet (500 pcs, $30) from Munky King.  Both Luke and Juan will be in the house, signing, chatting, and being  awesome.  Come by and get your art toy fix.


Juan Muniz x Luke Chueh || 3DRetro Exclusive Headspace Release
Saturday September 16th, 2017 (6-9 PM)

1851 Victory Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91201

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Sep 15, 2017

Jim Dreams x Unbox – BTS Chunk (9.16)

Unbox will be releasing the Beijing Toy Show Chunk by Jim Dreams on Saturday (9.16) at 6 AM PDT from their web shop—time for west coast boys and girls to set your alarms. This new edition features a mono design complete with a glorious gray glitter snot bubble.  These should go rather quickly, don’t blow it.

21576475_284358542049266_7088147462468141056_n 21689387_466824370383572_748061012359380992_n

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Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura – The Man of Steel

unnamed (1)

Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura keep their super hero summer going with their newest spandex savior.  Available now from Switcheroo, The Man of Steel (7”, 25 pcs, $135 + s/h)  brings us a chill Superman seemingly enjoying some time away from fighting crime.  He follows Wolvie and the Bat before that  as the latest incarnation of the girls’ muscle flexin’ hero sculpt.  

unnamed (3)unnamed

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Sep 14, 2017

Buff Monster – 5” Mister Melty in Chrome (9.15)


So the latest Buff Monster news is mixed.  On the plus side, he’s releasing a 5” Chrome Mister Melty figure (10 pcs, $200 + s/h)  on Friday (9.15) at 10 AM PDT  over on Staymelty.com.  . The down side?  This fancy version of the OG/Classic Mister Melty is the last chrome edition planned.  That’s a shame since the 3” set I purchased is pretty awesome with a sweet, blinged out mirror-like surface that looks to be quite durable.  Apparently, the process of making these is quite involved.  So… if you’re looking for a chrome Mister Melty, now is the time.

unnamed (2) unnamed (1)

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