Frank Montano — FeastWarz Rage On (9.6)


Frank Montano continues to unfold the FEAST universe with his new FeastWarz project.  The FEAST DiamondTroopers’ relentless pursuit of every last resource has pushed the BlizzardBeast to near extinction. With STXRM, VAD3R, F3TT and D3ATH there may be no hope for the natural world.

While cut from the same toy DNA, each of the four new 3” hand painted resins feature unique sculpts with a surprising level of detail.  They will be available for preorder on Wednesday (9.6) from Frank’s web shop for $95 each or you can score a discount with a full set ($350).  Shipping is $10 in the US and $22.50 international.   If you back Frank on Patreon, you have first dibs and can pre-purchase the set right now.  The figures should be completed in early December.

FeastWarz-1 FeastWarz-3 FeastWarz-2 FeastWarz-4 20633642_480965285602987_3282096527362752512_n