Last Zectron x Retroband – Deadly Delivery Returns (8.12)


Deadly Delivery is back after a deep sleep.  Zectron and Retroband’s clever retro-tinged project is an homage to the tiny toys that made children deliriously happy back in the day–from  the tiny yet awesome toys that sold countless boxes of sugary cereal to the plastic wonders hawked in teeny, tiny ads in comic books.  

Your next ‘killer mail day’ awaits with two new drops set for Saturday (8.12) at 10 AM PDT from the Deadly Delivery web shop.   Drop one is the first coming of a gnarly soul-stealing troll ($25) from Retroband cast in grey resin complete with removable, deadly dagger.  The troll is backed up by a bubble gum-hued colorway of Zectron’s Necronomicon Pocket Edition ($20) inspired by HP Lovecraft’s Book of the Dead.  Go get ‘em and then wait patiently by the door for your box of treasure to arrive.  Here’s hoping the guys can get back to a regular schedule again, maybe even back to the envisioned monthly drops.