Kevin Nam – Gacha Tops

Kevin Nam has carved out his own niche in the art toy world with his clever Rock, Paper, Scissors spinning tops.  Over the past 2.5 years he’s released several resin iterations of his original concept.  Now, he’s back with Gacha Tops.  Named after the popular Japanese Gashapon capsule toys, each of the new 3d-printed tops—a first for Kevin’s tops—features one of three animal-based designs (Snake Ninja, Dog Miner, and Octopus Pirate) in one of three colors and is  packaged in a translucent capsule.  These new open-edition Gacha Tops are available now from Kevin’s new Pocket Plastic brand for just $7 each or $18 for a three-pack.  

If you’re curious about how Kevin created his new 3d-printed tops, check out the making-of video below.

Gacha Tops RBY Together  Gacha Tops Spin