Luke Chueh x Munky King – Possessed Black Exclusive for Grief Encounters Kickstarter


It’s been a decade since Luke Chueh’s Possessed grabbed hold of collectors and refused to let ago.  Now, Munky King will rerelease its first art toy—arguably its most epic—with an updated 10th Anniversary sculpt. First out of the chute is the Possessed Black (as my soul) exclusive available as a reward for backers—$230 level—of the Kickstarter for the  Grief Encounters animated short series

Think of the 10th Anniversary Possessed as a rerelease and artist’s cut.  The intent is to make the classic figure available to a new generation of collectors and at the same time improve upon it artistically and technically.  The new figure matches the dimensions of the original and  features sculpted facial elements including the bear’s eyes and nose and the devil’s eyes, matching Luke’s evolving vision.  The 10th Anniversary edition will also add articulation to the right arm at the shoulder and drop the articulation at the wrist—OG shoulder articulation was limited to the left arm.  Finally, the new release will be re-engineered to fix the spinning devil issue that haunted the original.  Beyond the Kickstarter exclusive Black edition, the 10th Anniversary colorways will match the original colorways.

Grief Encounters is an ambitious series of planned animated shorts which offer an exploration of Luke’s classic paintings.  A collaboration between Luke, Munky King and director Stu Gamble’s Tiny Giants production house, the shorts expand on the paintings by immersing the viewer into the surrounding emotional landscape of each piece.  The debut Target short—streaming now—introduces us to the expanded story telling approach using a mix of animation and real-world elements.  The initial Kickstarter goal of $120k will fund creation of the first five shorts (Target include).

The extensive rewards include digital assets including storyboards and production files for aspiring filmmakers ($75) as well as several exclusive toy editions including HUNG GID ($90), Prisoner GID ($135),  6” Prisoner XL Kickstarter Exclusive Colorway ($300) , and of course the Possessed Black Kickstarter Exclusive ($230). c445a6b19ab3fc75fde37fb11c959af5_original

Oh, did we mention there’s a $150k stretch goal which will unlock a brand-new Combustion figure based on Luke’s popular painting?  This figure would be exclusive to Kickstarter and not released separately.