ABCNT x Mighty Jaxx – Bitchy Rich (6.3)


The Donald as President Trump  is proving to be a rich source of inspiration for comedians, artists, and other creative folks driven to comment on today’s politics.  Street artist ABCNT’s murals of Bitchy Rich portray 45 as Richie Rich clutching stacks of cash.  The biting caricature is now making the leap from the wall to art toy through a collaboration with Mighty Jaxx

[Press Release Quotes]

“Despite the millions of dollars his daddy gave him to make him feel bigly, Bitchy Rich knew deep down inside that he was just a small, small man that would never have any friends”

“Hiding behind wads of cash and masking his self-loathe with a giant red neckwear, he set out to be an affable king. He bought new red hats for everyone and promised greatness if they would just be his friends”

The figure realizes ABCNT’s critical vision with a rather unflattering likeness of the President with chubby proportions and his distinct orangeish tan complete with eye tan lines. The 8” Bitchy Trump figure will be available for pre-order on Saturday (6.3) from Mighty Jaxx for $80 (+ s/h).

Trump Art Toys are starting to become an eye-catching, rebellious trend.  From ABCNT’s Bitchy Rich to Richie Trump from Ron English and Trump Unmasked from Alex Solis, there’s plenty of resistance as toy to go around.


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