Gary Ham at Five Points Festival!

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We feel like it has been some time since Gary Ham has showed face at an event and he has definitely not skipped a step when it comes to this years Festival! Not only will he have a bunch of Dunnys release, but he will also be set up with his own booth #131. Gary Ham and Bryan Brutherford will be working together to release Logan, which will be rotocasted on the spot! The White edition ($30) will be made available to non-attendees, while the Blue and Orange edition ($35) are Five Points exclusives. After the event is all said and done, Mr. Brutherford will be destroying the molds!

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Now onto some Wooper Looper action with the release of the Five Points release of Gary’s classic Japanese vinyl figure in this Mint colored edition for $60, which is also limited to 30 pieces. How’s about the figure we thought would never be! The Fatty Wooper by Chris Ryniak will be making its debut in a matching colorway of its counterpart. This release will retail $55 and is limited to 30 pieces.

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Last but not least are a couple of wearables and layables. In collaboration with the Artpin Collection come the Wooper Looper enamel pins. The White edition will be available at Gary Ham’s booth, while the Turqoise edition will be available at the Powercore booth #344. From the sewing machine of Lana Crooks is the debut release of the Wooper Looper plush throw pillows. These will be available in a limited supply in three different colorways for $55 each.