Fools Paradise – ‘The Last Hire’

IMG_1696 copy

Who’s the next to face the coin ride reckoning?  That’d be Bane or is that Mr. Bane ?  At any rate, Lowfool (err Bane) finds himself with a melting ice cream cone and the prospect of taking a spin on a mini camo tumbler, if he can scrounge up a precious coin or two…  Love the sculpt on this one—comical  yet still bad ass at the same time.

Fools Paradise is now taking pre-orders for The Last Hire, the latest  in the ongoing coin rides series. Limited to a maximum of 398 pieces, it’s available for pre-order now for $295 (+$30 global shipping) directly from Fools Paradise.  It’s scheduled to ship in Q3 2017.

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