Martin Hsu – Dragon Boy Super Hits Wax


After considerable development the sculpt for Martin Hsu’s Dragon Boy Super is done and finalized. In fact, the follow-up to his original Dragon Boy has hit an exciting milestone – wax proto!  In comparison to the original figure which had a slender, subtle appearance, Super brings a more action-oriented, humorous take.  The new Dragon Boy will come boxed with a mini Dragon Dog as seen in the 3D render above (Roberto Maki).

If you look closely, the figure’s base shape might look similar.  Recognize it?  In collaboration with Rotobox, Martin incorporated the Mini Cel platform into the design.  Now that the sculpt is done and the wax proto is done, we’re wondering when? Hopefully it won’t be too long before we hear about a release for Dragon Boy Super which is being produced by PowerCore and VTSS Toys.

martin_hsu_dragon_boy_super01 martin_hsu_dragon_boy_super02
martin_hsu_dragon_boy_super04 martin_hsu_dragon_boy_super03