Huck Gee – Gummi Blanks (4.22)

Huck Gee has just announced the latest evolution of his Blank platform.  These are 7” tall, come in two flavors (err… colorways) and are delicious.  Ok, so they aren’t candy (darn) but they still look pretty tasty if you ask us. Shiny with what appears to be just a hint of translucency.   And, just because Huck is Huck, these look great in the dark too—yep, GID!

Limited to 50 signed/numbered pieces, the Gummi Blanks drop on Saturday (4.22) at 10 AM PDT for $125 (+ s/h) from Huck’s site. These tick all the boxes: eye-catching design, small batch, hand-crafted resin, made right here in the USA.  These are slated to ship in 3-4 weeks.

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