Oasiem Karmieh – ‘Eleven’ Art Toy

Do you love Netflix’s Stranger Things? If so, you’ll almost certainly dig Oasiem Karmieh’s new art toy of Eleven. The 3D-sculpted figure brings Rocio Garcia’s fun cartoon-style illustration of the Eggo-floating telekinetic wonder to life with an in-action pose.  Eleven’s dress sways and she makes the magnetic Eggos dance.  The figure stands 6” tall, includes a metallic base, and yes, the three mini waffles. Limited to 20 signed and numbered pieces,  Eleven is available for pre-order now for $175 (+ s/h) directly from Karmieh Industries.

eleven-toy-figurine_81f208bb-517e-4c22-b6d1-70c2ce0d4463_1024x1024 eleven-figurine-art-toy_2048x2048