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Feb 15, 2017

Mighty Jaxx – Socks The Dissected Cat


If you had fun with Jason Freeny’s dissected Gummy Bear and Balloon Dog, you will enjoy Mighty Jaxx’s latest release, Socks The Dissected Cat. This anatomically correct 8” cat features 28 separate pieces that require some assembly. This is the first of many realistic 4D figures Mighty Jaxx plans to release. I will be definitely picking up some black paint to turn ours into our precious kitttyyyyy. You can find it available HERE for $55 each.

rBZEagU2R52PaEBmxKkJ_Mighty_Jaxx_4dmaster_Socks_Dissected_Cat_2s_1024x1024 kLpF2khiQKCToO4dnpNi_Mighty_Jaxx_4dmaster_Socks_Dissected_Cat_8s_1024x1024 TN8LZl8R86Re1wcqCmt7_Mighty_Jaxx_4dmaster_Socks_Dissected_Cat_5s_1024x1024 qErg23MDTtafCXhL0wg2_Mighty_Jaxx_4dmaster_Socks_Dissected_Cat_4s_1024x1024 rXB7Ma5xSrCa8gwiKPYt_Mighty_Jaxx_4dmaster_Socks_Dissected_Cat_3s_1024x1024  fZKxC6xRoOiDO5W6qQn6_Mighty_Jaxx_4dmaster_Socks_Dissected_Cat_1s_1024x1024u5JxeagXQq2YE5E47plM_Mighty_Jaxx_4dmaster_Socks_Dissected_Cat_7s_1024x1024
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