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Nov 14, 2016

Super7 at Designer Con 2016


Super7 will be bringing their 15th Anniversary Lucky Bag to this years Designer Con! What better atmosphere to open a blind bag full of goodness with other toy collectors alike. There will only be one sized lucky bag, which contains 6 figures and will retail $225 each. They guarantee that no two bags are the same.

But that is not all!


They will have their newest colorway of their “The Worst” Action Figure line, ‘Graveyard Shift’. This release features 6 different action figures, Black Falcon, Robot Reaper, Snake Tut, X-2 (The Unknown), Batula and Gas Phantom. Each figure is expected to retail $15 or as a set for $90.


This special release is brought to you by a bunch of folks! This is a collaborative release between Secret-Base, Super7, Devil Head Productions and barksxwreck. They are all happy to introduce you to the Brothers From Another Mother Ghostfighter 2-Pack. These figures will come dual bagged with an extra long header card.


We also have a brand new “Glowing Night Light” Honoo by Leecifer, which in fact is GID! From Invisible Creature is the Yellow Belly Leroy C. Both of these Monster Family figures will retail $35 a piece. Be sure to find Super7 at their booth #305.

WorstFeature_batula_copy WorstFeature_SnakeTut_copy WorstFeature_X2_copy WorstFeature_Falcon_copy WorstFeature_GasPhantom_copy WorstFeature._Reaper_copy

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