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Nov 14, 2016

Paul Kaiju – Designer Con Release Schedule



One of the biggest phenomenon's would have to be the Paul Kaiju booth. Whenever it comes time for their raffle drawing, all things around his booth stop. PK just announced his release schedule for his booth #533 for both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, raffle tickets will be available from 9AM –230PM with the drawing taking place at 3PM. A bunch of new figures will be available, including the new Quarteroid Mini and Chimera figures. You will also of course have a chance to score yourself a couple Hyper Krakens and a Mockbat!

Sunday will be the day for one-offs, as well as a couple Dual Headed Mockbats. Not enough for you? There will also be Domino jack and some painted and mixed parts M.O.O.N. Goons. Tickets for this raffle will be available from 10AM – 130PM with the drawing taking place at 2PM.

dcon-16 IMG_20161019_092743 IMG_20161022_160246 IMG_20161103_095807 IMG_20161106_163456 IMG_20161106_165201 IMG_20161103_154557 IMG_20161107_164109dualbat

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