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Nov 16, 2015

Flat Bonnie – Honoo, Space Duck and Kookie No Good Plush at DesignerCon


Flat Bonnie has been slaving away at her sewing machine working on not one, but three collaborative plush projects for DesignerCon! First up is Mr. Toast’s Space Duck in a very ducky colorway.  Handmade from vinyl pleather with hand-painted safety eyes and finished with both a signed Mr. Toast mini-painting hang tag and   a numbered sewn-in tag, 20 pieces of the 11” Space Duck will be available for $40 from Flat Bonnie’s booth [#216].

Flat Bonnie has also translated Leecifer’s Honoo into plush with fiery results.  The red “fur” works well here for translating the flame feel.  Limited to 5 pieces, the 15” Honoo plush is made of red faux fur and vinyl pleather and includes a numbered sewn-in tag.  The Honoo plush will be available for $60 from Leecifer’s booth [#525].  Additionally, the next upcoming plush edition of Scott Tolleson’s Kookie No Good will be revealed at both Flat Bonnie’s [#216] and Scott’s booths[#525].

Plus, Flat Bonnie will also release two of her own plush exclusives as well –-to be announced shortly!


FlatBonnie-MrToast-SpaceDuck-DesignerCon-CloseUp FlatBonnie-MrToast-SpaceDuck-DesignerCon-Front FlatBonnie-MrToast-SpaceDuck-DesignerCon-Mini-Painting FlatBonnie-Leecifer-Honoo_DesignerCon-CloseUp FlatBonnie-Leecifer-Honoo_DesignerCon-Front

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