Brent Nolasco x Leecifer – Sonny at NYCC


We’ve already seen two teasers of the upcoming Brent Nolasco x Leecifer collaborative toy project-–one of Brent’s figure and one of Leecifer’s.  Now, here’s a full reveal of Brent’s Sonny which he describes as a “fun and friendly bat”.   Sonny will be released as a two-part rotocast figure and will stand about 6.5” tall or roughly the same scale as Brent’s recent Bun Bun toy.  Brent’s Bat is slated to debut at NYCC—look for test pull pics shortly.

So… now that we’ve seen the full reveal of  Brent’s Sonny, how does Leecifer’s previously teased alternate head fit into this?  While we’re not absolutely certain, the two teasers seem to feature a common body.  Will the figure come with two swappable heads or will there be two separately released toys?  All of this should be revealed and sorted shortly.