MAD – MADL Character Print Series


MAD, like most of us grew up influenced by iconic characters from comic books, amovies, TV and more.  What do you suppose his doodles of super heroes and sci-fi icons look like?  Wonder no more.   He’s recently launched his MADL Character Print Series as a creative exercise and homage to some of his favorite pop characters. The series will feature 100 images, released in weekly batches of 4-6 characters.  So far he’s released prints of the MADL as Astro Boy,  a couple of Transformers, several Avengers and more.  This week’s batch (#3) features Grimlock, Kamen Rider, Iron Man, and Orko.  Limited to 25 pieces, each s/n 6”x6” edition ($20) is printed on heavy watercolor stock with backer card + sleeve for protection. This series may be the closest we get to licsend MADLs as  MAD has always reserved his signature toy platform for art toy projects. Check ‘em all out over on MAD’s online shop. Also, if you wanna collect ‘em all, there’s the print subscription for $1500, a 25% savings—only 5 slots available.

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