Kidrobot’s 10th Anniversary Dunnys


With its upcoming 10th Anniversary Dunnys, Kidrobot celebrates the milestone with humor and humility.  The ‘bot released the first Dunnys—in red, silver and black—back in 2004 at the legendary ToyCon in Hong Kong.  If you’re following along, that’s just over ten years, a fact acknowledged by KR’s “Better Late Than Never” and “10 Years + 4 Months Anniversary Dunny” tag lines.

Expect three editions of the 10+4 Dunnys in you guessed it: red, silver and black.  The question is what will they look like?  Since the 2004 versions were solid color pieces with only a “Plugin Hollywood” logo (the Toycon 2004 theme)  on the rear, we’re thinking the new ones will follow suit with a “X” or “Better Late Than Never” on the back.  It’s amazing to think how far Tristan Eaton’s little guy has come in the past decade.