Martin Hsu – ‘The Originals’ Custom Dragon Boy and Blacky Figures for DesignerCon


Martin Hsu has got his hands on his own set of Dragon Boy and Blacky figures and did a bit of work on em! This is the first time he has customized his own figures and he is super excited to share it with you all! Here we have ‘The Originals’ custom Dragon Boy and Blacky figures, which will be available at this years Designer Con at his booth #601. Not only will he have these beauties available, but will also feature customs by Jeremiah Ketner, Oddfauna, Mark Nagata, and Angry Woebots.

martin_hsu_dragon_boy_vinyl_art_toy04 martin_hsu_dragon_boy_vinyl_art_toy05 martin_hsu_dragon_boy_vinyl_art_toy01 martin_hsu_dragon_boy_vinyl_art_toy03 martin_hsu_dragon_boy_vinyl_art_toy09 martin_hsu_dragon_boy_vinyl_art_toy11 martin_hsu_dragon_boy_vinyl_art_toy12