Rotofugi x Amanda Visell x Coarse – 200% Omen Customs for SDCC (7.24)


Rotofugi will release custom 200% Omens from Amanda Visell and Coarse on Thursday.  Amanda created three variations – Omen Bat (16”), Omen Jackalope (17”), and Omen Lumber (16”), each in editions of 3.  Each of the pieces are 200% vinyl Omens hand painted by Amanda with resin additions.   The customs will be available for $2800 (tax included) from the Rotofugi booth [#5248] starting at around 1 PM on Thursday (7.24).  These customs have us wondering if production Amanda Visell Omens are in the works.

CxAV_omen_200%_12 CxAV_omen_200%_10  CxAV_omen_200%_1 CxAV_omen_200%_2 CxAV_omen_200%_8 CxAV_omen_200%_7