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Jul 01, 2014

Help CRAZEONE : Drawings for Donations


Artist CRAZEONE (Adam White) has faced a torrent of medical bills since his diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and Paresthesias.  In order to try to cope with his escalating expenses, he’s offering hand-drawn illustrations in exchange for donations of any amount.  If you’d like you can ask him to draw something specific. Drawings will be mailed directly to donors.  As a bonus, every donor will be included in a raffle for a large, framed, original piece.  We’re troubled by Adam’s situation and impressed that he’s making the most of his talents to improve it. Please help Adam if you can and receive a heart-felt drawing. 

Also, without going all Soap Box here, it’s a  real shame that  a major illness often puts people in this country in  serious financial distress.  My recent, in-comparison minor health issues made me thankful for the insurance I’m fortunate to have and troubled by the six-digit bill those who are uninsured would have been stuck with.  Helping each other out is a small step towards tackling this beast.

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