3DRetro x Nathan Ota – Suited Birdies Heart Edition


We’ve mentioned  Nathan Ota’s sweet  upcoming Suited Birdies from 3DRetro before, but now we’ve got these nice promo pics to share as well as full release info.  Drawn from Nathan’s luminous paintings, the Suited Birdies Heart Edition is sized to match a real bird (~ 5” ?), is limited to 200 pieces and will retail for $55.  Your first chance to pick up the snazzy new toy is at the 3DRetro Retail Store Grand Opening (6.21) in Glendale. 

And… just because I just watched Toybreak and might have heard something about a 3DRetro challenge coin with art from Brandt Peters ($10) once or twice or three times… I’ll mention that if you buy the magical coin, any purchases you make at the new retail shop will be 10% off as long as you bring the coin with you.