Reactor-88’s Custom Corner: MaloApril


Welcome to the March edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we’re highlighting April Elliott, or better known as MaloApril to the toy community. April is a full-time artist based in North Fontana, California. She remembers making art since the age of 10, where she grew up on a block that consisted entirely of her family. April would hang out in her grandfather’s garage and create for hours each day. She began painting toys around 2008- starting with Mighty Muggs and then moving to other platforms. April loves going to shows and events and getting to know other artists- seeing their work and hearing their stories is what inspires her. April is mainly known for her Sugar Skull designs, but she also likes to branch out and explore new ideas from time to time. Regardless of the design direction she takes with a piece, they all have the same attention to detail that really makes her work stand out. The lines are very clean and precise, color palettes are well balanced, and sculpted accents add that final bit that really bring each piece together. April does take commissions, so if you’re interested in contacting her for a project you can email her at MaloCustoms[at]gmail[dot]com. If you’d like to follow along with her work, be sure to like her Facebook page and follow her over on Instagram.

collage photo 2 (4) photo 5 (2) IMG_4934 IMG_4031 IMG_7193 IMG_5468 IMG_6624 IMG_6456 IMG_6567 IMG_7237 IMG_7568collage1