Otto Björnik – The Hobbit Customs


You may be asking yourself, “Are these Otto Björnik customs for sale?!?!?!” Sadly, no, they aren’t. They are going to one lucky collector who commissioned this set of amazing custom Munny World Hobbit themed pieces. We feel it’s safe to say that Otto has yet another satisfied customer. You can see all the favorite characters, who include Balin, Bilbo, Galadriel, Gandalf, The Goblin King, Thorin, and of course Gollum. The most impressive piece we see is the Goblin King, which stands 12” tall versus the 7” Munny. Our hats go off to Otto with another job well done! More pics after the jump.

Balin Balin360 Bilbo Bilbo360 
GaladrielGaladriel360 Gandalf Gandalf360 
Goblin-King Goblin-King360 Great Goblin 
Gollum Gollum360 Thorin Thorin360Thorin Possessed Hobbit pcs size comparison Hobbit