Toy Art Gallery – DesignerCon Exclusives


Toy Art Gallery will be at DesignerCon with an impressive selection of exclusive art toys.  First up is the DesignerCon exclusive Pink Akashi from Dave Bondi (50 pcs).  TAG will also offer several exclusives from Rampage Toys including a Black Dino Set (5 sets), Black Micro Set (5 sets), and Thrashout Ugly UnicornSplurrt fans will definitely be interested in his Cadaver Twins micro editions.  Other exclusives include two AOI Ion Men (cream/black and blue w/cape), Dcon Exclusive Alavakas (5 pieces, each diff color splatter), a Cameran Exclusive by Angel Abby (8 pcs), a trio of Galaxy People exclusives (4pcs / figure), and Antichrist 666 micro editions from Frank Mysterio.  Check em all about at TAG’s DesignerCon booth [#215].