Circus Posterus at DesignerCon



Circus Posterus will be holding it down at DesignerCon in a booth (#400) bursting with art and toy goodness.  Here’s an overview of what’s been announced so far including the first two painted editions of the Wandering Misfits minis with Cardboard SpaceshipInk Slinger #5 (100 pcs, $15) by Brandt Peters and Ash (100 pcs, $15) and Kathie Olivas as well as white blanks (100 pcs, $15).  The painted exclusives are 1 per person, while the blanks are 2 per person/day.  In addition, there will be two mini masao kitty ear skelve editions – clear with embedded lucky skull and frosted blue, plus a micro-run Blue Monday Boo (8 pcs).  For Sofubi fans, CP will release their share of the Tomenosuke + CP GID sofubi set.  Art book collectors will  want to pick  Muse #1 – CP’s first artist sketch book featuring the work of Brandt Peters.

From Chris Ryniak comes two original limited-edition resins in blue (apparently CP’s color of choice) – Fuzzlethump (3.5”, 10 pcs, $175) and the mini Bugbites (50 pcs, $16).  Speaking of Blue Minis, Amanda Louise Spayd  will unleash her Pipsqueak resins (50 pcs, $16). 

Drilone will bring his post-apocalyptic aesthetic to Pasadena with several customs and original resins – War Machine Rumble ($350), Red Eye Drone ($200), Gasmask Skelve ($200), Gasmask Sal No. 2 ($140), 5 Mecha Sharks ($60 each), 1-off Micro Drones ($20 each).

New CP artist Shing Yin Khor will  offer her numerous bug-themed paintings, limited-edition sculptures, and her mounted uni-horned Grave Beasts ($200).

Finally, Leecifer will be offering numerous customs including Neapolitan Squid Girl and Skully Jack.

All of this goodness and more from the Circus Posterous art collective at booth #400.  Please note that due to demand, CP will hand out line numbers and sell items via lottery for the first few hours on Saturday.