Andrew Bell For Designer Con


Here we have the second half of the Ham/Bell combo booth #703 at Designer Con. Presenting Andrew Bell’s DCon releases! First up his new Dealmaker figure with MPHlabs. The “Blueblood” edition features a light blue vinyl with magenta and black sprays. They each come bagged with a header and will retail $35 each.

dcon-megadiyAndroid dcon-megaAndroid-500x375

Andrew Bell will also be doing a preview release of these 9.5” tall Android figures! These vinyl figures feature ball joint arms, movable and removable heads, which is large enough to fit a can inside. There Mega Android Green edition will retail for $70 and the blank White DIY will retail $65.

For those hunting for older goodies, Andrew will also have available a few gems from his vault, which will include his Groob figure, some Zliks, and a bunch of older limited edition Androids that you cannot get anymore! Not only that, but there will be some original drawings and sculptures available as well!