3rd Annual Designer Toy Awards Trading Cards


The Designer Toy Awards are kicking things off this year with a bang! One of those bangs including the 3rd Annual Designer Toy Awards Trading cards with SideKick Labs. This series features 177 base cards, who include many of the finalist for the 3rd annual DTA’s. There are also 27 card variants, signature cards, and golden ticket cards. What can those golden tickets get you? Well, they are good for one-off designer toys, prints,hand-painted custom figures, and even a complete trading card subset pack.

Each pack contains 8 random cards for only $5 a pack. There is also a factory sets available, which are limited to 100 that include all 177 cards, all 27 variants in the series, one random signature card, one golden ticket card, and promo only Hello Kitty x KISS cards for $85. These will be available throughout all of NYCC at the Clutter Magazine booth #504, the SideKick Lab’s booth #203, and at the DTA Ceremony on Saturday.

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