Reactor-88’s Custom Corner: Igor Ventura

Welcome to the September edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we're highlighting Igor Ventura. Igor resides in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is a motion graphics designer for a video studio. Having a full-time day job, Igor finds time during the night and weekends to work on his custom toy art. Igor and friend Sergio Mancini founded Red Mutuca Studios –– a design collective featuring some very talented artists and A-list toy customizers. Igor started as a collector in the designer art toy world around 2007, and opened an online store called Banana Suicida with Sergio. In 2008 they both entered a Brazilian toy design contest and had their designs selected, which they then customized on 8-inch Qees. That was his first custom toy and he has kept going ever since.

Igor's earlier work was more focused on political critique- incorporating concepts from both Capitalism and Communism to show people we should try to live peacefully with our differences. But finding himself not entirely politically engaged, he decided to change the focus of his work to more fun, playful, and weird concepts. Though on occasion he still tries to convey a message to society with his work. One thing to note about his custom toys is that he has never felt satisfied with the way he painted noses on his pieces, so a few years ago he made the decision that most of his pieces would not have noses. Funny, as I've always liked the noses on Igor's work- that along with his heavy line, cartoon-friendly style. Igor takes commissions, but with a full-time day job it can take him a while to complete pieces. If you'd like to discuss a project with Igor, he can be reached at, or to follow Igor's work, head over to He can also be found on all the usual social media sites- Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.