myplasticheart – NYCC Glop in a Box by Andrew Bell


Andrew Bell’s Glop in a Box returns! This time in radioactive form and an exclusive to the myplasticheart booth #113 at NYCC. This awesome new colorway will be available in custom wooden crates, which means a chance at finding a special chase variant hidden inside. This limited edition piece will be available during Andrew Bell’s signing on Saturday (Time TBA) and will retail $120 each.

Project Glop-BX5 – Classified Document

Incident Report 10.11
Shipment MPH13
Upon arrival at project site, manifest check discrepancy was noted. Crate #1027 unaccounted for. Search of immediate area unfruitful. Item is highly radioactive and should be handled as class 3 waste. USE GREAT CAUTION WHEN HANDLING. RETURN TO LOS ALAMOS NATIONAL LABORATORIES IMMEDIATELY UPON RECOVERY.