Seen: SDCC ‘13 Pushead Event


For Pushead collectors, Comic-Con Thursday usually brings the artist’s annual event offering untold limited-edition sofubi, hand-painted customs,  prints and more.  For 2013, Pus changed things up with a covert-style Sunday event. 

Unlike previous events, this year brought no public reveal – no dramatic curtain drop.  Instead, Pus invited each person in the ordered queue into a back area at the Toy Tokyo booth to  purchase at his underground-style pop-up shop –- similar to his NYCC setups.

Thanks to Pus, we were able to step into the back and check out the treasure awaiting collectors who were lined up just outside.  In a sweet touch, a section of the store shelves featured unpainted versions of each the toys on offer. As you can see in the wide shot above and the more detailed shots below,  the 2013 selection included a new ‘hydro’ fight figure, a new skull pirate — salvation ink Patchwerk figure, Avo Nag (head), Fink Shit, Skull Pirates, at least one Cocoroc, several Mecha Gorilla Ju’s  and more.