Seen: Munky King — SDCC Party + Art Battle


On Thursday, almost everyone’s after comic-con plans revolved around Munky King’s annual party at Basic bar + urban kitchen – just a few blocks form the convention center.  This year’s event drew a large crowd which filled the venue and completely packed the live art area.  While MK usually showcases live painting from a few artists, they flipped things up by presenting the Versus Art Battle featuring six 2-man artist teams competing for the title of Versus Art Champions.   Moderated by John Stokes of Spankystokes, the battle was split into two rounds pitting the teams of Food One and Mike Huddleston, Angry Woebots and Dez Einswell, Jerome Lu and Podgy Panda, Deph and Rocom, Martin Hsu and Jeremiah Ketner, Gmonik and Jorge Gutierrez against one another.   The new format proved quite popular, with standing room only for most of the evening.  While we left around midnight  to rock out a few posts  before the winner was chosen, MK has announced that the team of Deph and Rocom was declared  champions by the crowd and received championship belts for their triumph. Congrats!