Seen: Coarse x Rotofugi — ‘Nowhere Far’ During SDCC


When Coarse  began discussing their comic-con plans with Rotofugi, it was decided that a single 10 x 10 booth wouldn’t accommodate the release of not one, but three new limited-edition vinyl sculpture offerings.   Rather than simply moving the release to an external venue , Coarse decided that they would use the opportunity to showcase their current and evolving art with a mini exhibition and celebration of the brand’s 10th anniversary  for their collectors and fans to enjoy.  Months of work by both Coarse and Rotofugi, came together on Saturday evening (7.20) with the opening of the one-night only ‘Nowhere Far’ event at the Horton Grand Hotel’s Regal Ballroom, just blocks from the San Diego Convention Center. 

As the line grew outside the venue, Coarse Co-Founders Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk, put the final touches on the exhibition in the center of the large room –- adjusting sculptures (previously seen and brand new) just so and then placing the display covers over the pieces which were located under a professional lighting rig.  Drawn from Coarse’s unfolding ‘Souls Gone Mad’ figure series / narrative, many of the sculptures feature various incarnations of The Void, his Omens and Fever.  In addition to the one off resin pieces, the three new vinyl releases [Souls Gone Mad – Ignited (180 sets, $80), Omen – Shine and Omen – Shimmer (180 pcs, $80)] as well as the impressively ambitious ‘The Passage’ diorama style figure set were on display.  Finally, in celebration of a decade of creating their signature figures, Coarse presented updated and refined versions of the sculptures for their  original 12” action sports figures, fluid and flake.

One collectors made their selections which were then bagged up in special Coarse totes, they had the opportunity to enjoy the exhibition as well as have Sven create Omen sketches for them on the spot, which he and Mark both signed.   Known as much for their exacting attention to detail and production quality as for their signature aesthetic, Coarse along with long-time collaborators Rotofugi, delivered a release experience that exceeded the high standards the brand’s collectors have to come to expect and marvel at.  For those that weren’t fortunate enough to make it to the event, watch for news from Rotofugi about an upcoming online release of the three exclusive releases.