Seen: Amanda Visell’s ‘Where Eagles Dare’


Amanda Visell opened her ‘Where Eagles Dare’ solo on Friday evening (7.19) @ MRKT, just a few blocks north of SDCC. Amanda’s new collection of original paintings celebrates pop culture (Voltron, Dumbo, Mickey, and more) as well as personal independence despite prevailing societal opinion.  Depicting girls bravely facing danger and incorporating uplifting messages, several of the paintings continue Amanda’s focus on empowerment as seen in her ‘Posters for Girls’, which were also available at the exhibition. 

In addition to the paintings, Amanda showcased her Wood Idols – unique hand-crafted wood sculptures.  While she’s created 55 Idols so far, this is the first time collectors have had a chance to view them in-person –- many (including us) were surprised that the sculptures are quite large; most are 8-10”.   At a reasonable $800, the large Wood Idols are some of Amanda’s most compelling original figures. 

The show also gave toy collectors a chance to check out painted protos of three new collaborative sofubi figures from Itokin Park, Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura – Itokin’s astronaut, Michelle’s Robot Girl and Amanda’s beaver in log mobile.