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Jul 23, 2013

Bad Teeth Comics x Double Haunt –- Mini-Cheestroyer Resin


Australian artist Bad Teeth has created a large number of characters which he has featured in his comic strip, zines, illustrations, and more.  In 2012, he created a resin figure based on his ‘Cheese’ character which is basically an urban Cheese Burger dude.  Now, he’s created a bad-ass, medieval version of ‘Cheese’ – the Mini-Cheestroyer (seen above). As you can see the 4.5” sculpt is quite detailed and gives Cheese a fantasy twist.  The figure is in production in Brisbane by Double Haunt. Plans call for an online-launch followed by a release at the Brisbane Supanova Comic-Con in November.  We’re digging this tongue-in-cheek creation.  A vinyl edition would be aces – one can hope, right ?


001-2011-19 002-cheesetroyer-sb

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Thanks Guys! We will try to get vinyl happening!!

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